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  • A/B Testing Basics: Confidence Interval

    Confidence Interval: A range of values calculated such that there is a known probability that the true mean of a parameter lies within it. The science of statistics is all about predicting results by sampling a portion of a population. Since you can never be 100% certain of that prediction, the result i ...

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  • A/B Testing Basics: Confidence Level

    Confidence Level: The percentage of time that a statistical result would be correct if you took numerous random samples. Confidence is often associated with assuredness, and the statistical meaning is closely related to this common usage of the term. To state a percentage value for confidence in something is essent ...

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  • A/B Testing Basics: Margin of Error

    Margin of Error: An expression for the maximum expected difference between the true population parameter and a sample estimate of that parameter. When you are analyzing a statistical experiment or study and progress from discussing the test sample results to discussing the whole population that the sample represent ...

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  • A/B Testing Basics: Sample Size

    Sample Size: The number (n) of observations taken from a population through which statistical inferences for the whole population are made. The concept of sampling from a larger population to determine how that population behaves, or is likely to behave, is one of the basic premises behind the science of applied s ...

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  • What Do A/B Testing & Presidential Polling Have in Common?

    The debating, campaigning and speculating will soon be over. In just a few short weeks, our new President will be elected. Somehow, through this long and arduous process, the parallels between website A/B testing and the election became apparent to me as the campaign continued to grind on. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all ...

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  • How to Create the Perfect Website A/B Test

    The concept of perfection is an interesting one. Like infinity, it represents something that can never truly exist, yet most of us talk about it as if it does. How often have you heard a friend or coworker say they don’t want to put their name on anything that is not “perfect”? 40 years ago, Nadia Comaneci became ...

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  • 4 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Website Testing Strategy

    They say you can never have too much of a good thing. When it comes to time, money and friendship, I completely agree. For many of us, website testing for CRO has become another “good thing” we have harnessed to put data to work for maximizing profitability. But could there be a time when we have tested too much? ...

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  • What You Should Know About Different Data Types And Website Testing

    In website testing for CRO, most things are pretty definitive. Did a customer visit convert into a sale or not? Was it A or B, yes or no, win or lose? The simplicity makes data both easy to collect and easy to analyze. But are we missing out on something with this simplistic model? The ones and zeros tha ...

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  • How Alpha and Beta Spell Improved A/B Testing

    Almost three thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks were already well on their way to developing such innovations as the catapult, indoor plumbing, and of course, the alphabet. What ultimately became the modern letters “A” and “B” actually originated as Alpha (α) and Beta (β) in the Greek alphabet. Today, Alpha and Beta have also become commo ...

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  • A Week In The Life Of An A/B Test Business Cycle

    “I read the news today, oh boy” John Lennon famously wrote almost 50 years ago for the classic Beatles song, A Day in the Life. In those days, there were no smartphones, websites or blogs from which to get your news, only the good old fashioned paper copy that is becoming a rarity. When you are “reading the news” each day on your A/B testing or other website testing, you wi ...

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  • The Heart Of Significance

    Hopefully you had a wonderful Valentine’s day and enjoyed your time with a “significant” other. What makes them significant? Is it their personality, the way they make you feel, or simply the fact that your hypothesis testing revealed less than a 5% chance that your feelings for them could be random? Source The latter definition would probably not launch a successful internet dating site.

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  • When Are You Ready For A/B Testing?

    So your website has been successfully launched, your traffic is increasing day over day, and you’re ready to A/B test some new content to improve your CRO… …or are you? The answer lies in that magical word that has produced the proverbial “deer in the headlights” reaction on the face of marketing professionals and engineers alike for decades: Statistics.

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