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  • 5 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Through Social Media

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Are Your Getting the Most Out of Social Media? Used correctly, social media can be an extremely effective lead generation tool. Consider this: nearly 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company whose CEO has a social media presence, and more than ¾ of all transactions in today’s marketplace start online.

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  • How to Build the Ultimate Lead Capture Landing Page

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Are Your Lead Capture Landing Pages Optimized and Successful? Here’s a situation that is all too familiar to many business owners: The corporate website looks great. It’s professional, attractive, informative, and entertaining. There’s plenty of traffic, but for some strange reason, that traffic just isn’t turning into solid leads.

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  • What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Mortgage Leads?

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online How to Assess the Quality of Purchased Mortgage Leads If you’re in the mortgage business, then you’ve probably considered purchasing mortgage leads. When business is slow, mortgage leads can help bolster your business’s profitability. When the real estate market heats up, or when interest rates are low, a source of qualified leads c ...

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  • Solar Market Heating Up Globally: Do You Have a Solar Leads Partner?

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Taking Stock of Solar Power Growth Overseas Bloomberg has predicted that by the end of 2014, the solar market will have grown by 20%. Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Wacker Chemie AG all agree. Perhaps it’s the rapid melting of the polar ice caps that has sent people scrambling to disconnect from a power g ...

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  • Video Marketing Tips You Should Be Using Right Now

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Most mortgage professionals are already familiar with old ways of generating leads – building relationships with real estate agents, networking events, and traditional advertising can all be effective for generating mortgage leads. Let’s look at some video marketing tips you should be using right now More tech-savvy mortgage broker ...

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