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  • Why companies create content – part two: to gauge public opinion

    Following on from Part One of this series where the topic of influencing brand perception was discussed, this new instalment looks at how content can help you tap into the mindset of the people you’re trying to sell to. Part two: to gauge public opinion Pretty much any content related book, article or conference talk you come across will at some point mention the term ‘audience-focused content’.

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  • How the UK’s top retailers are using social this Christmas

    Christmas is a time for sharing - at least that’s what the social media teams of some of the country’s biggest retailers want you to think. Looking at performance across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during 30 days in November and December, we’ve found a few interesting nuggets which may help you refine your social approach as we move into 2016.

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  • Conducting a content check-up

    In the UK, every vehicle over three years old used on public roads must undergo a test to check it’s roadworthy. It’s known as the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test and, like death and taxes, it’s inevitable. You rarely hear any major protests from car owners - the last thing they want is for the various bits of steel, aluminium and electrical wiring to fall apart when they’r ...

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  • How to get marketing campaign timing right

    When is it a good time to pull off the motorway? Pretty frequently it seems if you look at the packed car parks of Motos and Welcome Breaks across the country. But how many people actually plan to visit a service station? The reality is that most don’t, ending up there out of necessity - you pull up, do what you need to do and you’re on your way again.

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  • How to breathe new life into old content

    In early 2011 I put together a simple video for a friend's band for a song they made referencing a certain (lonely) dictator. It was uploaded to YouTube and had been seen by a handful of people; however on December 17 that year the viewing figures suddenly skyrocketed. The despot in question had died, and I was the unexpected beneficiary of some web traffic.

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  • Four inventive ways to distribute content

    Post links on your social media channels, obviously. Put a teaser in your email newsletter, of course. Syndicate it through relevant recommendation platforms, OK then. There are plenty of standard ways to get people to look at the content you publish and they all have their various merits in terms of generating awareness, traffic and leads. The problem is that they also have their limitations.

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