Dario Zadro

  • How Social Signals Affect Your SEO

    For the past several years, the entire Google team has been pretty tight-lipped about the value and importance of social signals for SEO. We just can’t seem to get a straight answer from them! In early 2014 they opened up enough to admit that social signals are NOT an active part of their ranking algorithms. Which was the complete opposite of what Google said in 2010.

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  • UX: The Key to The Future of SEO

    The SEO landscape has undergone quite a few changes over the last few years. You don’t need me to elaborate much here. Google has reshaped the SEO landscape and, like it or not, where Google goes others follow. Well, most do. Search engines have increasingly emphasized user experience, relegating many of the traditional SEO techniques and strategies to a merely supportive role.

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