• A Simple Exercise to Help You Write Effective Sales Copy

    If you’ve got four minutes to spare today, I can help you nail your sales copy. I recently heard Ed Dale of The Challenge and MagCast speak at a conference on the topic, and I took pages and pages of notes – copywriting, marketing, and sales are the biggest things I’ve struggled with, as I imagine plenty of you do too. For most, selling doesn’t come easy.

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  • 4 Of My Most Viewed Blog Posts This Month and Why They Worked

    Sometimes it’s worth taking a look back over you recent posts, weeding out the ones that have done well, and going over them for a brief review. I do this quite regularly to keep tabs on what our readers are responding to, and if there are ways I can expand or reuse the post for further content. It also helps give me ideas for what else we can provide, and also to see if we c ...

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  • How to Blog from the Heart

    After a conversation recently with two local bloggers who were thinking of giving up blogging, I wanted to reach out to all of you who find yourself in a similar boat to them – managing the fine line of blogging with heart, but also being successful. Each of these two bloggers had come to blogging via different avenues, but neither of them were seeing the results they wanted.

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  • How to Be a More Consistent Blogger

    Sometimes, life just gets in the way of blogging. Sometimes your motivation is waning, sometimes work is too busy, sometimes the kids are sick, and sometimes you just need a break. But we all know consistent posting is one of the keystones to blogging success, and so sorting out a workflow that helps you be more productive or use your time more wisely can be one of the best things you can do.

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  • 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Blogging When I First Began

    In today’s 100th episode of the ProBlogger podcast, I take a retrospective walk down the lane of memories from my last 13 1/2 years blogging. I’ve learned some pretty huge lessons along the way, and back when I started in 2002 there were quite a few things I wish I’d known! I hope to share with you the top 10 things that might help you on your own blogging journey.

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  • An Introduction to Landing Pages for Bloggers – An Interview with Tim Paige from LeadPages

    If converting traffic to subscribers is high on your list of priorities, you won’t want to miss today’s episode of the ProBlogger podcast, where I chat with “Conversion Educator” Tim Paige of LeadPages. Getting better conversions on our websites is something I think bloggers really need to know, and Tim certainly doesn’t hold back! Even if you don’t use LeadPages as a landing ...

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  • How To Lift the Quality of Your Blog Posts with Embeddable Content

    There is an incredible opportunity for bloggers that will help improve the quality of their content, serve their readers better, and potentially help their blog rank higher in search engines – and not everybody is making use of it! While as a judge in a recent blogging competition, I was asked to consider the quality of 20 social media blogs, and what stood out to me was how dynamic content co.

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  • How to Create a Business Blog When You Don’t Have a Team

    If you have a business, and use your blog to promote it, today’s episode of the ProBlogger podcast is for you! I’m often asked about blogging as an adjunct to a main business (rather than the business itself), and the biggest thing people want to know is: can they do it solo? Is it possible to create and run a business blog when you don’t have a team of people dedicated to the craft? What I’m.

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  • What You Need to Have Ready Before You Launch Your Blog

    I’m regularly asked by those yet to start a blog what is the best way to go about it? Should there be posts already up upon launch? How many? Do I need a Facebook page? Should I be collecting emails? What’s the best way to design my blog to keep readers on site? What should I invest in, and what can wait? Starting a new blog can be a daunting, overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t need to be.

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  • 5 Mistakes Bloggers Make with SEO and What to Do About Them

    Search Engine Optimisation and all that goes with it is an incredibly important part of successful blogging, but it’s also a topic than many find too advanced – particularly for beginners. It’s not unusual to get expert help in the area, and my guest on today’s ProBlogger podcast is the person I turn to for help with SEO here on ProBlogger and also Digital Photography School: Jim Stewart.

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  • How to Create Blog Posts That People Remember

    While traffic to a blog is usually top of mind for a blogger, the real gold is when you create recurring traffic from loyal and engaged fans. It’s all very well and good to have lots of numbers in your stats, but if nobody is interacting or sticking around, it actually doesn’t get you very far at all.

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  • 5 Things to Do after You Hit “Publish” on Your Next Blog Post

    Recently I received a question from Susan, a long-term listener of the ProBlogger podcast. Her query was one I think a lot of people struggle with once they feel as though they may have the content production for their blogs under control, but are wondering how to get that content in front of the right people.

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  • 19 Tools We’ll Use In Our Blogging in 2016

    There have been many changes going on behind the scenes at ProBlogger HQ over the last few months, and we’ve been making some major decisions about how we are going to bring you the best information about creating successful blogs and income online. To do that, we’ve been experimenting with tools that do everything from making our team communication more streamlined to the on ...

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  • The Second Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Do as an Entrepreneur

    If the first most important thing you’ll ever do as an entrepreneur is just start (and keep starting!) the second most important thing you can do is to not give up. Not give up when the going gets tough, not give up when you feel as though you can’t go any further, not give up when you’ve tried your best but hit a standstill.

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  • The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do as an Entrepreneur

    Quite a few years ago now I first stepped into the world of blogging – almost by accident, and certainly when I had plenty of odds stacked against me. A friend emailed me a link to a blog, TallSkinnyKiwi.com, and I clicked over to find out what a blog was, and what it would look like. I could easily have deleted that email, or it could have gone straight to my junk folder wit ...

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  • How to Complete Your Blog Posts to Make Them the Best They Can Be

    For some bloggers, it isn’t the lack of ideas holding them back, it’s finding the motivation to get them finished. People leave blogs in draft mode for all kinds of reasons – they run out of things to say, they’re not sure how to end the post, they know it needs something added but don’t know what, the post needs more research, it needs an image, or maybe it’s just that atten ...

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  • How to Get into the Flow of Creating Great Content for Your Blog

    Image credit: Jonno Witts Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been blogging some time, you can almost always find yourself falling out of flow. One minute you have tons of ideas and are cranking out posts, the next something’s off and you’ve lost your mojo. This episode of the ProBlogger podcast is continuing our series on Blogger’s Block (you can catch up on episode ...

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  • How to Get Entrepreneurial Ideas out of Your Head and Into Reality

    Image credit If you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Pat Flynn. Pat is a writer, blogger, and podcaster, and helps readers all across the internet create smart passive income from their blogs. He went from being laid off in 2008 to creating a website to help people pass an architectural exam – earning $7000 in his first month.

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