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  • The 2014 retail IPO explosion: what does this mean for retail technology?

    In the past year there have been as many British retailers listing on the stock exchange as there were in the previous ten, as the online and discount players that are shaking up shopping flock to go public. This flood of initial public offerings (IPOs) has been driven by fundamental changes occurring in the industry with the massive growth of ecommerce and evolving shopping habits.

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  • Back to the Future: the journey from online to offline retail

    There has been a seismic shift of bricks-and-mortars retailers onto the web over the last decade, with almost every major player now at some level offering clicks-and-bricks capabilities. With a few exceptions, there has been relatively little traffic the other way - of pure play online retailers opening up physical stores.

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  • Is social shopping making a comeback?

    At one point social shopping was hailed as the future of commerce. Online shopping was supposed to be moving towards becoming a more social and collective experience, whereby users could share their shopping journeys, mimicking the sort of interaction that occurs in physical stores. However, despite all of these predictions, true social commerce has failed to really gain trac ...

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  • Five key considerations for a multichannel ecommerce replatform

    Implementing a new ecommerce platform is one of the biggest technical decisions that a retailer can make. A successful replatforming can be the key to effective multichannel growth and can future-proof a retailer against ever-changing consumer demand. With so much at stake it’s important to make sure that a project starts in the right place.

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  • The multichannel challenge: How luxury retailers can get it right

    Multichannel retailing involves offering customers a variety of experiences and ways to buy, including brick-and-mortar stores, online shops, telesales, mobile and tablet commerce. It covers transactions from browsing to buying and returning, as well as pre and post-sale service. For luxury retailers, this means more channels and more devices, across which quality, service and ...

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  • Creating a single view of stock: five key considerations

    Adopting a single view of your stock across retail channels is an essential precursor to a true multichannel strategy. Alongside a single view of the customer, it is a fundamental foundation in integrating online and offline operations. Even as a standalone project, a single view of stock can be highly beneficial.

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