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  • How to Write Good Survey Questions

    You’ve decided to use a survey or poll to learn more about your audience. Now all you need to do is to write your survey questions. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But beware. There are some common mistakes that are easy to make even on the simplest of questions. Use the following list as your guide to help avoid these possible pitfalls. 1. Write questions that are simple and to the point.

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  • How to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency

    Want to get more clients for your agency? It’s not always as easy as you’d like. When you’re focused on providing quality marketing services for your clients, it’s easy to let your own marketing slip through the cracks. It doesn’t help that smaller agencies rarely have the resources to hire a dedicated Business Development Manager and most new leads take months to convert.

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  • The Biggest Pitfall of Being a Generalist Marketing Agency

    When you start a marketing agency, your first impulse might be to keep your focus general. After all, staying general will open you up to a broad range of clients, right? Getting too specialized might turn people away. But let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. It’s nearly impossible for a small agency or lone consultant to be an expert in all areas of digital marketing.

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  • Felix the Cook — Small Biz Stories, Episode 14

    When Barbara Felix started her business, Felix the Cook, over ten years ago, she was looking for a way to provide for her family, while doing something she loved. Finding her sweet spot with custom-made sugar cookies, Barbara has attracted big name clients like Google Ventures, UPS, and The Four Seasons.

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  • Why You Need to Send More Email Than You Think

    I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “How often should I send email?” Weekly? Monthly? Anytime sales are low? Start with this question: How many times do you have to ask kids to do something? Usually, more than once. It’s often the same with email marketing. It’s not that people on your email list are children, it’s that they’re busy and your business isn’t their top priority.

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  • Cutting Edge Capital — Small Biz Stories, Episode 13

    What am I doing to make the world a better place? That’s the question that motivated Brian Beckon to leave the corporate world in the hopes of building a more democratic and just economy. As a securities lawyer and Vice President of Cutting Edge Capital, Brian has the knowledge and passion necessary to help entrepreneurs raise funds from both wealthy and community investors.

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  • How to Measure Email Marketing Beyond Opens and Clicks

    Ask someone about their email marketing results, and they’re likely to mention metrics such as opens and clicks. But opens and clicks only tell part of the story. If you want to measure the impact of email marketing on your business, you need to dig deeper. Struggling to connect email marketing to your bottom line? Join us for a free webinar, See the Impact of Your Email Ma ...

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  • ARCH Art & Drafting Supply — Small Biz Stories, Episode 12

    When Susie Coliver started ARCH Art & Drafting Supply at 24 years old, she never could have anticipated how her business would evolve over the next 38 years. From skyrocketing rent prices in San Francisco to the rise of digital drafting tools, Susie keeps her store going by facing trends head on and maintaining strong relationships with her customers and staff.

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  • How to Write a Persuasive Marketing Email

    When you send a marketing email, it’s a bit different from a regular email. You’re not just sharing information, you’re trying to drive engagement that supports your business in some way. You’re trying to drive action without being too pushy and turning your subscribers off. What’s the secret to writing a successful marketing email? The best email marketing campaigns have a c ...

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  • What’s the Best Length for My Email Newsletter?

    I know you want a definitive answer. So here it is: The best length for your email newsletter is approximately 20 lines of text. We’ve found 20 lines of text — or about 1,200 characters — results in the highest email click-through rate for most industries. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The better answer: As long as it needs to be. Let me explain.

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  • SAME Café — Small Biz Stories, Episode 11

    When Libby and Brad Birky decided to start Colorado’s first pay-what-you-can restaurant, So All May Eat (or SAME) Café — no one thought their idea would work. Now, after ten successful years in business, Libby and Brad share their story on the today’s episode of Small Biz Stories. Listen as they share how they transformed a unique idea into a thriving business.

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  • How to Rock a Tired Email Design

    Tired of sending the same old email design? You want to mix things up. But kicking out the jams risks confusing your email contacts when they just recognize your brand. Instead, follow the beat of the hottest rock acts to keep your email design fresh while retaining your brand essence. What is the rock star approach to email design? Think about your favorite musical artist for a moment.

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  • 3 Emails Every Automated Welcome Series Must Have

    Imagine for a moment that you’ve hired a new employee. Would you expect your new hire to figure everything out on their own? It’s likely you’ll have a new hire checklist to be certain your new employee gets the information they need to be successful. Those first few days are important for setting exceptions and building their personal investment in your business.

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  • The More You Know, the Easier It Is to Inspire Action with Email

    Yep. I’m about to date myself for sure. But does anyone else remember seeing NBC’s “The More You Know” public service announcements in the 1980’s while watching your favorite cartoons growing up? It turns out that this informational campaign still exists as a platform to inspire individuals to create change in their lives and communities.

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  • Checklist: Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Business

    A person comes into your store and makes a purchase. Great! A new customer. But then what happens? They leave. And what happens once they leave? You may never see them again. That’s too bad because these customers are important. These are people who have already had a great experience with you and are likely to want to do business with you again.

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