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  • Using Your Proposal as a Sales Tool: 5 Tips for Agencies

    In boxing gyms, you’ll hear all sorts of expressions: “He’s walking on his heels.” “Hits like a mule.” “Cut the ring.” “Hands up.” “Stay off the ropes.” After a sparring session, you might hear this: “Don’t get greedy.” This last one also applies to your marketing agency. Most agencies we speak with struggle to find new clients. Put another way, they struggle with sales.

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  • How to Win New PPC Accounts: 5 Approaches for Agencies

    A few years back, I took an evening class to study up on fundraising for non-profits I support. The classes were at the end of the day … the time when you’re really tired and only thinking about going to bed. One night the instructor, contrasting non-profits and their for-profit counterparts, made a comment that I never forgot.

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