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  • Play the game, join the Army: How to market like the military

    Marketers feel pressured to hit their numbers, but they can learn a few things from the U.S. Army (like how to stop complaining). The organization has a yearly goal for accessions (i.e. new recruits) based on projected geopolitical need. The number has hovered around 65,000 for the past decade. As you can guess, failure to meet it is not an option.

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  • Goodnight, sweet prince: 4chan’s founder moves on

    To say that 4chan is infamous is an understatement. At first glance, it’s a set of anonymous interest-based image boards about everything from anime to travel. Most non-members have heard of it thanks to /b/, the board that spawned the hacktivist group Anonymous and any number of offensive but pervasive Internet memes.

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  • The ad creatives’ guide to good job interviews

    A successful interview is like a good first date. Both parties know exactly what they’re looking for, but each one tries to simultaneously put on their best face while sniffing out any particularly alarming skeletons in the other’s closet. When it comes to creatives, the dance is largely the same. The work is not what’s on trial anymore, but the individual.

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  • Job talk: West Coast vs East Coast agency life

    East Coast vs West Coast was a rivalry even before Biggie-Tupac. Nowhere has this been more relevant to our industry than in the agency cultures of each coast, whether it’s in the hours of operation, office culture or creative vibe. The challenge of time Natural rhythms, timezones, wherever you want to place the blame, there’s something to be said for being three hours apart.

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  • MeUndies courts Instagram exhibitionists

    MeUndies is known, if at all, as a cheeky brand that brilliantly fought back against Facebook’s prudery. But the company takes a more organic, less contentious approach when it comes to Facbeook-owned Instagram. In addition to producing its own content, it has been courting influencers (from models to photographers) to widen exposure to its products by taking advantage of their huge followings.

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  • Job talk: How to dress for the summer interview

    A frigid winter had everyone praying for summer. But now that it’s here, the daydreams of beaches and ocean breezes have been swept away, leaving in their place the harsh reality: Much of your commute is a trek through deserts of steel and concrete from one air-conditioned oasis to another (and that doesn’t even include the occasional inferno that we call public transit).

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  • Job talk: Finding the networking style that fits

    The prospect of being thrown into a large room of industry peers with the expectation of being productively sociable is viewed by even seasoned professionals with dread. While networking has always been lauded as the real strategic benefit of attending events and conferences, there are few people who truly do it well. Fortunately, for the rest of us, there is no “one size fits all” process.

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  • Job talk: The rules of going freelance

    Whether it’s to fulfill some innate desire in the soul of a creative or one of the many products of a recovering (recovered?) economy, more and more industry professionals are turning to freelance work. Along the way, they’re discovering fewer guideposts and guardrails than in the rest of their careers.

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  • Confessions of an ad tech grunt

    Ad tech is booming, and industry growth means that the field is hiring in droves. While many of these jobs provide exposure to the newest technology and opportunities to put your creative problem-solving abilities to the test, there are others that will leave you questioning your life choices on a constant basis.

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  • Job talk: Explaining how to get a job at Vox.com

    One of the most-scrutinized new entrants in the now-burgeoning field of explanatory journalism is Vox.com, the 2-month-old publication under the Vox Media umbrella. Vox.com aims to make the nuts of bolts of news, from domestic and foreign policy to science and technology, understandable to readers while forgoing the typical media obsession with breaking news.

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