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  • New Street Fight Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices in Enterprise Local Marketing

    Local marketers at big brands and multi-location retailers and services companies are coming around on digital marketing. While the biggest companies still depend on traditional media, and often rate it more effective than digital tactics, those attitudes are shifting. Most enterprise local marketers spend less than a third of their digital budgets on local campaigns and progr ...

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  • Taking the Pulse of the Location Data Ecosystem

    Companies selling location and proximity data and services themselves concede that it’s a pretty small market, but that location data is an increasingly critical signal for a variety of marketing, operations, and product features well beyond mobile advertising. Street Fight surveys confirm that location data is attracting lots of interest from local marketers, even as spending ...

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  • Report: Matching Up with Local Merchants’ Marketing Objectives

    Street Fight’s analysis of local merchant surveys show that SMBs are spending more money on digital marketing — particularly social media and email — because they find those channels most effective. However, based on their self-professed marketing and advertising objectives, there appears to be some missing links between new customer acquisition and their favorite tactics.

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  • Enterprise Local Marketers Treat AI Hype as Means to an End

    Enterprise Local Marketers Treat AI Hype as Means to an End August 15, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary I don’t know about you, but I’ve got at least three invitations to webinars on using artificial intelligence for marketing in my inbox. And last week I went to future of marketing mini-event, sponsored by marketing automation provider Emarsys, th ...

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  • New Street Fight Report: Selling to Local Merchants

    New Street Fight Report: Selling to Local Merchants August 3, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Street Fight’s latest report on local merchants, Strategies for Selling Marketing & Technology Services, posted today. It’s a companion piece to our annual survey of local small and medium-sized businesses, that focuses on vendor strategies for sellin ...

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  • Podcasting Won’t Replace Local Radio Soon

    Last month, Apple made a half-hearted podcast analytics announcement right as the Interactive Advertising Bureau released its first podcast revenue forecast. As a local advertising medium, podcasting shows promise, but it has a very long way to go. BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. local ad revenue forecast debuted last week with some local radio numbers that put audio advertising in perspective.

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  • Comparing Enterprise and SMB Attitudes on Local Tech

    Selling hyperlocal marketing technologies and services to both multi-store brands and local merchants might seem to be the best way for a would-be provider to reach scale. When you boil it down, they’re trying to achieve the same objectives, right? Of course, it’s not that simple. According to recent surveys, both types of marketers are shifting budgets to digital — particular ...

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  • Made for Each Other: Wallets, Loyalty, and Mobile Payments

    It’s fair to say the local marketing industry has been a little disappointed by the adoption of mobile payments. The combination of a sluggish hardware upgrade cycle and consumer reluctance appears discouraging. But there are catalysts on the near horizon, including the promise of a virtuous circle where mobile wallet-enabled loyalty programs encourage payments and vice versa.

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  • Two Mobile Marketing Studies Sketch Location Data’s Role in Cross-Channel Measurement

    Two Mobile Marketing Studies Sketch Location Data’s Role in Cross-Channel Measurement April 10, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Two studies released last week by industry organizations provide useful advice on mobile marketing tactics and using location data. As mobile consumes an increasing share of digital marketing, both studies point to the ne ...

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  • Research Roundup: Comparing Franchisees and Independent Professionals

    As background research in support of Street Fight’s forthcoming Local Merchant report, I came across some good surveys focused at opposite ends of the local small business spectrum: franchise operators and self-employed professionals. Comparing the results, it feels like, though the industry is selling these groups the same marketing and commerce technology and services, the t ...

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  • Why It’s Too Early to Go All In on Virtual Assistants

    As the so-called customer journey takes new twists and turns, tech companies and agencies should help local businesses and brands differentiate themselves via user experience. Catering to virtual assistants might seem to be the path towards that goal. But it’s probably too early to make huge bets on these technologies, and there are more practical ways to help out.

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  • Luxury Lingerie Maker Cosabella Drives Sales with Email, Social Media

    With Valentine’s Day upon us, what better time for looking at how a lingerie company does its digital marketing? Second-generation family-run Cosabella is a small business that behaves a lot like a larger multinational. Cosabella’s digital marketing and advertising matches a common Street Fight research theme of email and social media effectiveness, but shows a high degree o ...

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