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  • What to Pin in October

    How far in advance should I Pin my fall content to Pinterest? In the springtime we Repin easter eggs, in the summertime we Repin swimsuits, and in the fall we Repin everything orange-colored and pumpkin-flavored. You’d think it would be pretty simple to answer the question of when to publish your seasonal Pins to Pinterest, unfortunately it can be a lot harder than you’d initially think.

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  • Tailwind Acquires PinAlerts and Oh So Pinteresting Blog

    Today, we are announcing the acquisition of two early thought leaders in the Pinterest marketing space. These sites grew to serve tens of thousands of monthly visitors seeking to improve their marketing efforts on Pinterest. We’re honored that they’ve entrusted Tailwind as the new home for their communities.

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  • We’ve Grown to 100,000 Members! Gift $30 of Free Tailwind, Get $30

    We just welcomed our 100,000th member to the Tailwind family! Thank you Seat Hoody (makers of sweat-resistant seat covers) for being the 100,00th, and to every one of our members who made this insanely wonderful milestone possible. Get paid to help Tailwind keep growing! To celebrate this milestone, we’re doubling our referral bonus for the next 2 weeks Gift $30 of Tailwin ...

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  • Join Our 100 Gif Party!

    What better excuse for a startup to celebrate than hitting 100,000 members? Yup – you heard that right, Tailwind just reached 100,000 members! If you’re one of those members, thank you, sincerely. We’re running a special double referral bonus for the next two weeks to show our appreciation. Now here’s what you came for – 100 of the Tailwind team’s favorite party-time gifs.

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  • Takeoff Awards – Honoring Massive Growth on Pinterest

    We love to see our members grow and succeed on social media, in fact Tailwind’s mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone. That’s why we created the Takeoff Awards: annual awards that honor those who have achieved massive growth on Pinterest (next year we’ll include Instagram – did you know we’re about to launch Tailwind for Instagram?) To find our winners w ...

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  • Learn from Instagram’s Most Liked Photos – Regularly Updated

    This guide surfaces the best performing Instagram posts from the Tailwind community, based on the engagement rate of the posts. By focusing on engagement rate, rather than simply volume of likes, our goal is to find great content from accounts of all sizes, not just from celebrities and big brands.

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  • The Curator’s Instinct for Pinterest: How Eric Kass Blew Up

    “The space you work in is important. Everything in here is something that means something to me. It’s all intentional.” – Eric Kass, Funnel Do you remember the cover art of the records that your father owned? How about the pattern on your grandmother’s linoleum floor? If you do, how useful are these things to your work today? To designing a social media graphic say, or growin ...

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  • How to Plan a Pinterest & Instagram Visual Marketing Strategy

    “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” That quote is so good that it’s often misattributed to Sun Tzu, military philosopher and writer of The Art of War. It tells us two important things. Thing 1: Tactics and strategy are not the same Thing 2: Start with strategy What’s the Difference Between Tactics and Strategy? Strategy is the overall game plan that invol ...

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  • How to See Individual Repin Counts Rather than Aggregate Repins

    Back in Spring of 2016 Pinterest rolled out a change that meant users no longer saw the individual repin count for their Pins, but saw instead an aggregate of all of the repins that Pin had received across Pinterest. Pinterest’s Help Center announced the change saying: You’ll now see the total number of repins and likes the Pin has gotten across all of Pinterest (before you ...

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