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  • How to Create How-To Content That Doesn’t Suck

    A few weeks ago, my bathtub faucet started spraying water all over the bathroom. I’m a pretty handy guy, so I decided to search for practical advice on Google and buy the parts to fix the problem on Amazon. That way, I could save a few bucks avoiding the plumber. However, despite all the articles that offered five easy steps to fix a faucet or vowed to tell me everything one n ...

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  • A New Formula For Content Marketing That Converts [Step-by-Step]

    All content marketers know that to create content that converts, we have to know what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. But the way most content marketers use that knowledge to plan is still pretty broad-stroke. We scan a few data sets and think, “That post did really well. Let’s do another one like it and cross our fingers.

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