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  • APB Podcast – Choosing a Niche

    Choosing a niche is a vital part of almost anything you do in affiliate marketing. It’s one of those things that sounds easy, but can prove quite challenging. How do you know what makes a good niche? How do you know if there is any money to be made in that niche? With these questions in mind, we ...

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  • APB Podcast – Local Lead Generation

    Ever head of local lead gen? It’s not all that different from what we do as affiliates, you’re just a lot more involved in the whole process. In this episode, we discuss what local lead generation is, how to get star ...

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  • APB Podcast – Success Coach Gregg Sugerman

    This guest of the APB Podcast is also a long time forum member and friend. I first met Gregg Sugerman when he joined the forum years ago. Since then, he’s gone on to become a success coach dedicated to helping people change their lives and reach their true potential. In this episode, Gregg and I talk about everything from motivation to breaking past sticki ...

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  • APB Podcast – Know Your Customer

    There’s a lot to learn in marketing. When you first start out, the focus is on getting up to speed with technical things like tracking, building landing pages, and setting up advertising campaigns. Most marketers spend a great deal of time on those things, and often overlook a very simple question – who is my target customer? It doesn’t matter what niche you promote, or wha ...

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  • APB Podcast – How to Network for Success

    Networking is one of the single most important things you can do for your business. As affiliates, we’re often introverts who have a hard time meeting other people. Working by ourselves from home certainly doesn’t help. So how do you meet other people? In this podcast episode we lay it all out. Learn where and how ...

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  • APB Podcast – List Building Round Table

    You might have heard ‘the money’s in the list’, but what does that really mean? Simply put, building an email list is one of the most effective marketing methods. When you build a list, you have an asset you can market to over and over. Instead of just sending them off to hopefully get one conversion, you can collect their email and potentially get multiple conversions on just one visitor.

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  • APB Podcast – Ultimate Productivity Hacks

    APB Podcast – Ultimate Productivity Hacks 24 Jun It’s Friday! Good time to kick back and relax right? Wait, that’s not being productive! Or is it? There’s so much information about productivity out there, it’s hard to know what to believe. In this episode, we talk about what’s been the most effective for us.

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  • APB Podcast – The Best Tools For Affiliate Marketers

    In this episode of the Aff Playbook podcast we talk about some of our favorite tools for marketing. Tools aren’t a magic bullet, but they can certainly make your life easier. We cover a lot of tools in this podcast including: Tracking Aff Robot Tools (inside the forum) SEO PPC Spy Tools PPC Project management Social media A ...

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  • APB Podcast – What Were Working On in 2016

    After a short hiatus, the APB Podcast is back! 2016 is already half way over, so there’s a lot to talk about. In this episode, we each discuss something we think is important to focus on in 2016. With so many options out there, it’s sometimes hard to choose what to work on because there isn’t one right answer. Learn some of the things we’re per ...

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  • APB Podcast – PPC Round Table

    APB Podcast – PPC Round Table Jacob, Jason and I recently got together to talk about all things PPC. PPC is a huge topic! You have different traffic sources like AdWords and Bing, search vs display, the list goes on. We’ve all done a fair share of PPC, so it was interesting to hear different opinions on things. There’ ...

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  • APB Podcast – Mastering the Education Niche

    APB Podcast – Mastering the Education Niche Education is one of those evergreen niches that will always be around. It’s a great niche to promote because there is always demand for leads, and there are many different sub niches within the niche to promote. In this podcast, I got together with my friend Galel Fajardo to talk about promoting education offers.

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  • APB Podcast – PPV Rountable

    APB Podcast – PPV Rountable When I first started Aff Playbook, it was actually called ‘PPV Playbook’ because we focused almost exclusively on PPV traffic. We’ve come a long way since then, and expanded to cover all types of traffic and a lot more. I have a lot of experience running PPV traffic, and so does the entire APB faculty.

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  • APB Podcast – The 80/20 Principle for Online Marketing

    APB Podcast – The 80/20 Principle for Online Marketing The 80/20 principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This can be applied to all types of industries. You’ve probably heard this concept applied to marketing. An example would be – ‘roughly 80% of your income will come from 20% of your campaigns’.

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  • APB Podcast – Building Your Business

    APB Podcast – Building Your Business Being a successful online marketer is one thing, but being a successful marketer year after year is another. Our industry is filled with stories of people who made all kinds of money once or twice but couldn’t do it long term. So what’s the difference between these two groups of affiliates? One big difference is the focus on building a ‘lo ...

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  • APB Podcast – Email Marketing and Copywriting With Ben Settle

    APB Podcast – Email Marketing and Copywriting With Ben Settle Email marketing is one of those indispensable skills every marketer should have. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing affiliate marketing, promoting your own products, or doing client work. Being able to sell through email and copywriting is a skill that will take you from playing around at a business, to actually having a business.

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  • APB Podcast – Jason Brown from SERPWoo

    APB Podcast – Jason Brown from SERPWoo My guest on this episode of the Aff Playbook podcast is Jason Brown, a.k.a eliquid on the forums. Jason has been involved with online marketing for a long time, and worked on many diverse projects. Jason has done everything from affiliate marketing, to ecommerce, and now a product owner.

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  • APB Podcast – Mateen from Affengineer.com on Teespring

    http://media.blubrry.com/affiliate_marketing_podcast/p/www.affplaybook.com/podcasts/APB011.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS One thing I love about running the forum is getting to see people progress from beginners to successful affiliates. One of those success stories is Mateen.

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