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  • Learning to Work on Your Startup Even While Executing on the Day-to-Day

    Starting a company can be both exhilarating and terrifying — and the decisions that founders make are often under a microscope. While most start their business with the best intentions, it’s easy to lose track of important details like company culture. Brad Feld, a co-founder of both TechStars and the Foundry Group, has seen his share of startups rise and fall and rise.

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  • GateHouse’s UpCurve Acquires Closely to Complement ThriveHive

    GateHouse Media’s small and medium-sized business solutions provider UpCurve announced this morning that it has acquired Perry Evans’ Denver-based local/social tech company Closely. The company will be integrated into ThriveHive’s digital solutions, deepening UpCurve’s ability to aggregate and analyze SMB data.

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  • Brad Feld: Startup Founders Should Focus on Defining ‘Cultural Norms’

    The culture around tech startups has reached a fever pitch in the U.S., with each university’s successive graduating class bringing a new crop of companies and would-be entrepreneurs into the system. But starting a company can be a wild ride, and the majority of founders starting new businesses will see their dreams crushed. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups will ultimately fail.

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  • After Some Challenging Pivots, Moz Digs Deeper for Growth

    It’s been an interesting year for Moz, the Seattle-based SEO-consulting and content marketing company. After several years of fast growth pushing into a variety of different marketing products (like social media, keyword research, and topic analysis), the firm announced last August that it was laying off 28 percent of its workforce in order to refocus on its core competencies.

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  • Gannett Acquires SweetIQ, Building Out ReachLocal’s Suite of Digital Products

    Gannett Acquires SweetIQ, Building Out ReachLocal’s Suite of Digital Products April 20, 2017 by David Hirschman Leave a Comment Filed Under: News And the great local rollup is underway… Gannett announced Thursday afternoon, after the closing bell, that it has acquired Montreal-based listings management company SweetIQ, which will be rolled into its ReachLocal suite of software for small bus.

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  • Yext Shares Up Sharply in Initial Day of Trading, Portending Well for Local

    Yext‘s shares jumped nearly 22% in the company’s initial day of trading, with the price rising as high as $14.25 per share before settling to $13.41 at close. That left the company significantly above its $11 open and the original $8-$10 range it had set. The strong opening was a hopeful message from Wall Street for the local marketing industry, which has been looking to Yex ...

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  • YP’s Rowe: Hybrid Print/Digital Offerings Can Reinforce Value

    YP’s 130-year-old advertising platform has been deep in the transition to digital for a while now. In the past, the print Yellow Pages was a dominant source of advertising for SMBs, but the company has engineered a slow-but-steady evolution, to the point where its digital revenue (finally) exceeds that of print — even as the decline of print has stabilized.

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  • ShopChat Comes Out of Stealth with a Mobile Shopping Keyboard

    People like to shop, and people like to share their experiences with friends. Today, ShopChat debuts its effort to combine those two activities in a service that marketers and brands can leverage to attract more sales. ShopChat’s mobile shopping keyboard, which officially launched today, works with messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage, letting users f ...

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  • Near CEO: Bad Data Remains a Big Challenge for Location Platforms

    The painstaking process of creating actionable location intelligence has borne fruit in the past couple of years. A number of hyperlocal tech companies have refined their technology in tying people to places, and are continuing to find a variety of compelling use cases. While some of the most obvious uses of location data are in understanding the consumer journey and charting ...

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  • Verve CEO: Eliminating Location Data Uncertainty Is ‘Critical’ for Mobile

    When CEO Nada Stirratt took over at Verve 18 months ago, it seemed that mobile ad tech was on the cusp of really breaking out — with more and more brands and marketers understanding the importance of the new technology and backing that commitment up with serious budgets. As mobile has risen, the importance of location data has grown apace, and has become a vital asset in the marketer’s toolkit.

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