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  • Duplicate Content & SEO: a Practical Guide for Everyone

    Duplicate Content & SEO: a Practical Guide for Everyone Posted: 05.04.2016 Robots Need Our Help! Even if you’re not an SEO professional, it’s likely you’ve heard about the problem called “duplicate content”. You may have even heard it called “The Duplicate Content Penalty” (it’s not a penalty; we’ll get to that shortly).

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  • SEO, App Indexing, and Deep Links: Cutting Through the Confusion

    Every SEO knows that Google indexes web pages. But did you know – even if you’re not an SEO professional – that Google is now indexing content pages residing inside an app? That’s right; those applications you have on your mobile devices and that are in the Apple and Android app stores? Google can now index not just the home screen of the app, but all the other content and s ...

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  • Blog Categories & Tags Demystified

    A practical guide to properly using categories & tags on your blog For most businesses, a blog is a recommended content-growth strategy to add fresh, relevant information to your website. Your content strategy should be to add fresh content regularly and provide useful information that your target market will find interesting and useful.

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  • SEO for SMBs: a Breakdown of Tools and Platforms

    Looking to get your head wrapped around SEO? Do you manage marketing or content for a small business? There are a number of SEO tools that are a great fit for smaller organizations when it comes to feature sets and price points. First and foremost is Moz (formerly SEOmoz); their $99/month “standard plan” is certainly very affordable and includes up to five “campaigns” (web p ...

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  • 2 Ways You’re Destroying Your SEO Efforts (& How to Fix Them)

    In this in-depth how-to article, I’ll uncover two ways you’re unintentionally wasting your hard-won SEO efforts, and I’ll show you exactly what to do about it. But first, let’s you and I play a little game together: pull out your wallet, grab a $20 bill, rip it up into tiny pieces, and toss them into the air like confetti. Now get out another and do it again.

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