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  • 7 advanced tips for Google Shopping ads

    Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of control you have over a Google Shopping campaign? With the holidays creeping up on us, now is the time to make those shopping changes that move the needle. I’ve put together a list of seven tips to bring your shopping campaigns to the next level. Tip #1: Use the multiple-campaign method to bucket keywords This is probably the sing ...

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  • Last-Minute Holiday Checklist For Online Retailers

    December is here, and the holiday shopping season is off to a great start — especially for the e-commerce industry. But when the pressure is on, it’s easy to let smaller details slip through the cracks. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that in mind, here’s a quick checklist with five ways to avoid a seasonal disaster. 1.

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  • A Field Guide To Amazon Advertising

    With the holiday season fast approaching, many retailers and brands are looking for new ways to squeeze a little more out of the once-a-year consumer bonanza. Marketplace advertising is a great low-effort, high-impact option that often goes overlooked. In this article, I’m going to focus on Amazon’s two platforms and how to maximize your ROI on both.

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  • Why The Perfect Attribution Model Doesn’t Exist

    As the marketing director at an e-commerce agency, I’ve met more than a few e-commerce analysts who are caught in an endless pursuit for the perfect multi-touch attribution model. I’m here to let them — and you — in on a little secret: It doesn’t exist. Read on for four reasons chasing a perfect attribution model is a waste of resources, as well as four ways that time could ...

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  • 4 Reasons Brands Should Sell Directly To Consumers Online

    Traditionally, brands sell direct to big retailers and use distributors to reach small and independent shops. It’s a model that’s worked for decades. But in a digital world, this balance is disrupted. Brands that don’t have strong direct-to-consumer channels are at a fundamental disadvantage compared with those that do and are missing out on additional revenue.

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  • The Biggest Myth In Online Retail

    Myth: Selling online means competing on price. As the marketing director at an e-commerce agency, I hear some variation of this statement from current and prospective clients. Every. Single. Day. Whether they’re getting their misinformation from competitors or research on the Web, it seems many online retailers have convinced themselves that the only way to succeed is to su ...

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  • The Essential 2015 Holiday Checklist For Online Retailers

    It’s that time of year again: Consumers are headed to the beach while retailers are starting to dream of winter wonderlands — and windfalls. Most retail experts are waiting until the end of the back-to-school rush to make their official predictions for this holiday season. But no matter what they say come September, now is the time to begin preparing for a jolly Q4.

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  • 3 “Hidden” Google Analytics Reports For Retailers

    There’s no doubt about it — Google Analytics is a powerful way to measure your site’s traffic and advertising ROI. But despite its utility, I’ve had many users tell me they fear they’re missing out on valuable insights simply because they don’t find the platform particularly intuitive. In this article, I’m going to describe three “hidden” reports that I frequently use to unc ...

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  • 3 Overlooked Retargeting Strategies For Retailers

    “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” –William Gibson. While Gibson was talking about the relationship between technology and wealth, this quote could easily apply to the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. In this case, it’s not hardship that keeps retailers out of the loop, but simply a lack of knowledge about what exists and — someti ...

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  • 5 Ways Paid Search Can Support SEO In Retail

    Digital marketing is quite the fragmented landscape; modern marketing channels can be so complex that they often require dedicated specialists. But who is looking at the bigger picture when your team members are mono-focused on one discipline? I find this especially worrisome in the world of organic and paid search, which play in the same sandbox but rarely converse.

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  • The Pinterest Buy Button Might Rock Your Ecommerce

    Image via BigStockPhoto.com Last Thursday, Re/code revealed that Pinterest is laying the groundwork for an eCommerce “buy” button. According to reporter Jason Del Rey, merchants could be able to start limited testing in as little as three months. With more than 70 million monthly users, Pinterest is easily one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks around.

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  • The Definitive Guide To Pinterest For E-Commerce

    These days, it’s easy to get swept up in every shiny new marketing trend. Will the next big push be towards advertising on wearable tech, or should we devote resources towards advertising on the newest social platform? These options usually leave marketers’ heads spinning – and when we do invest in the newest fad, more often than not we get burned.

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  • Turn Seasonal Shoppers Into Year-Round Revenue

    Hooray! The holiday season is upon us. It’s the most wonderful time of year, complete with jolly carolers, handsome fellows in red suits, and soaring conversion rates. I hope you are enjoying the rush of a killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Unfortunately, with a surge in orders comes the potential of a huge missed opportunity.

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  • Optimizing Your Paid Search Bids Around The Holiday Rush

    The yearly holiday rush is often the happiest season of all for us marketers. Not only are customers more likely to buy, but demand and customer acquisition both typically reach their annual peak. However, this surge in sales mean retailers are often pulled in several different directions, strapped for time, and more likely to fall victim to oversights that wouldn’t be an is ...

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  • 4 Profitable Promotions To Attract Holiday Shoppers

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become synonymous with huge markdowns and, sometimes, below-cost prices. In fact, the entire holiday season creates a retail environment where discounts drive demand. So what can you do to make some noise, but not give away the farm? Here are four promotions that will protect your bottom line while catering to sales-hungry shoppers. 1.

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  • Could Your Holiday Plan For Selling On Amazon Use Kindling?

    Though the dog days of summer are here, retailers know the holidays are fast approaching. And if you're in retail, no holiday plan is complete without considering your strategy for selling on Amazon this season. Defining The Benefits When talking to retailers, I usually take a moment to ask what they expect to get out of selling on Amazon — not in terms of dollars and cents, ...

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