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  • P&G fought online advertising, and online advertising won

    A tremor rumbled through the digital advertising world in July when Proctor & Gamble announced that they had cut $140 million of digital spend in a single quarter. P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller noted that the reduction had two causes: [We made a choice] to temporarily stop spending with digital media outlets where our ads were not being placed according to o ...

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  • The calm before the storm: Why media channels die quickly

    I recall an amazing chart I saw a few years ago about the decline in newspaper advertising revenue. Here it is: If you’re like me, what you’ll notice first is the dramatic decline in revenue, starting around 2005. What I failed to notice, however, was that this decline was preceded almost immediately by the industry’s best-ever year — $65.3 billion around 2000.

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  • The robots who will warm your heart — and drive your branding

    I’m not a classically trained marketer, so I don’t really understand how branding works. Why do people sign up for a credit card because Charles Barkley appears in a TV commercial? How does Alfa Romeo sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show increase car sales? And why does my public utility have to brand itself at all? None of this makes much sense to me, and yet branding — ...

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  • 10 truisms about agencies and clients

    Over my nine years in the agency world, I’ve realized that I have certain “canned responses” to specific questions or situations. For lack of a better term, these are “Davidisms” that my team can probably repeat verbatim at this point. I thought I’d share 10 of my favorite ones with you. 1. Clients get the agency they deserve There are a lot of different companies out there.

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  • What do employee reviews really say about your agency?

    I’m obsessed with creating a great culture at 3Q Digital, my employer. If you type in my name and the word “culture” into your favorite search engine, you’ll see at least a dozen articles I’ve written about the importance of culture. I’m also obsessed with data. At 3Q, we measure both internal and external Net Promoter Score and client and team attrition, and we use a tool c ...

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  • Not all agencies are created equal

    I belong to numerous digital marketing message boards, and I frequently see posts asking for recommendations for “the best digital marketing agency.” This question is troubling for several reasons, which I’ll outline in this article. Problem #1: What do you mean by digital marketing? Asking for a “digital marketing agency” is analogous to calling the hospital because you need a “doctor.

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  • The tracking trap in digital marketing

    In Google’s early days — when online marketing was still a novelty avoided by most large advertisers — then-CEO Eric Schmidt acerbically quipped that “the last bastion of unaccountable spending” was the corporate marketing department. Schmidt’s comment was no doubt intended to contrast the measurability of online marketing against the opaqueness of traditional media.

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  • Selling your agency, Part 5: The transition

    So you’ve sold your agency — congrats! Now you can relax on a beach and sip margaritas all day, right? If only life was that simple. For many agencies, selling the company turns out to be a lot easier than managing the company after an acquisition. In this, the final column of this epic series, I’ll discuss how to keep team members happy, work with your new acquirer, and mai ...

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  • Selling your agency, a how-to guide, Part 4: Making the deal happen

    When evaluating different job offers, compensation is always a major factor, but it is rarely the only consideration: Job stability, compensation, opportunity, responsibility and environment all contribute to a decision on a new opportunity. (My mnemonic for this is S-C-O-R-E.) Such is also the case with selling your agency: The financial terms of the deal are very important ...

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  • Selling your agency, a how-to guide: Part 1 — Starting out right

    About eight years ago, I founded 3Q Digital (initially named PPC Ad Buying, then PPC Associates). I founded the company mainly because I was tired of working for other people, and online marketing was something that people would happily pay me to do. I certainly didn’t have any visions of creating an organization with hundreds of team members and clients and eventually selli ...

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  • Tired of broken promises from politicians? Demand KPIs!

    The older I get, the more cynical I become about politics. And I’m not alone. The percentage of Americans who trust the federal government has declined from a high of 73 percent in 1958 to just 19 percent in 2015. It would be easy to blame all of this on politicians, who will say anything to get elected.

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