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  • Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit

    (Part 3 of a 3-part series; read parts 1 and 2.) We’re passionate about profit. It may sound obvious, but your business exists to earn profit. Many AdWords managers obsess over clicks, CTR, Quality Score, Impression Share, Cost per Click, Ad Position, Cost per Acquisition, and so on. While these are “noble pursuits,” for my clients (and me) they have to take second place to profitability.

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  • Audit Your Site for Conversions and Profit, Part 2: Sales

    Clicks are for Show, but Conversions are for Dough So let’s say your AdWords have done their job and brought you website visitors who are interested in your offer. Now it’s time to convert them to Customers on your Landing Pages. My previous post explained what conversion tracking is and how to set it all up correctly; now we’ve got to look at what your website has to do: get customers.

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  • Audit your AdWords Campaigns for Conversions and Profit: Clicks

    Welcome to the kick-off post in a three-part series that will teach you to audit your AdWords campaigns for conversions and profit. Today we’ll focus on the Campaigns (Clicks) piece; part 2 will focus on Sales (Customers), with part 3 tackling Profit (Cashflow). We’ll go through some basic truths, strategies, and philosophies about AdWords conversions, and then we’ll go into ...

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