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  • Here’s What A Successful Video Content Marketing Campaign Looks Like

    Many brands and agencies are coming around to the realization that content marketing is something they need to do, even if they’re not 100% sure how to do it. With consumers becoming increasingly well-trained to ignore traditional banner ads, and many of them even employing ad-blocking software to do so, content has become an enticing hook for brands seeking deep engagement ...

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  • The Ultimate Native Advertising Guide

    When you have something really good, it makes sense to share it and not keep it all to yourself, right? With that in mind, I’d like to offer you a quick recap of the native advertising webinar I hosted just yesterday for the Mobile Marketing Association. Several hundred industry professionals registered for it, and they walked away with a fairly deep examination of what work ...

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  • An Analysis of Why Video Ad Campaigns Take Off

    If you go to YouTube and search "cat video", you’ll very quickly see that the top results have tens of millions of views. The majority of these snippets were recorded in someone’s living room with a smartphone—they were just for kicks. Nobody spent a dime on marketing or building an audience around these videos. It just kind of happened.

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  • Native Video and Pre-Roll: What’s Best for You?

    Video is one of the newest areas of digital marketing, and if you’re planning a campaign, you might find yourself in territory that you haven’t yet explored. One of the first questions you’ll encounter is whether to run a native or pre-roll campaign. The answer, ultimately, depends on your marketing goals.

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