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  • Why Your Business (of any Size) Needs to Blog

    When it comes to driving customers to your site and raising awareness of your brand, in terms of sheer impact, few approaches are as powerful as keeping your blog stocked on quality content. Despite this realization, far too many businesses remain on the fence and fail to embrace this piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

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  • Why Your Content Strategy Needs an Ebook (and How to Create One)

    For many brands, “writing an ebook” is one of those items that is perpetually on the corporate “to do” list. Yes, you know that it’s probably a good way to boost your digital presence and draw in more viewers and conversions, but it seems like so much work, right? While there’s no denying that an ebook is a major content marketing commitment for organizations of all shapes and ...

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  • 10 Social Tools That Modern Real Estate Agents Need

    Published 1 min ago 42 Being a real estate agent in today’s digital marketing environment is all about connecting with potential clients and generating leads. Social media is king on this front, but simply stating the obvious on social media isn’t going to help you get very far on such crowded networks.

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  • Will Vine Be the Next Big Content Marketing Craze?

    Published 1 min ago 32 Facebook, Twitter and Google+ tend to get all of the attention when it comes to interacting with audiences – and for good reason. These networks are well-established and rake in plenty of visibility. But with other players like Vine offering up a surprising amount of potential as well, is staying the course with these standard offerings really th ...

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  • 11 SEO Tactics That Just Don’t Work Anymore

    Published 1 min ago 28 If there’s one thing you need to know about the world of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s that nothing stays the same for too long. In fact, all it takes is looking away from the latest trends and changes for a moment to end up on the wrong side of the shifting equation.

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  • 7 Ways to Turn Expertise Into a Content Marketing Business

    Published 38 mins ago 28 Whether you’re a freelance marketer bouncing from job to job or an established member of a large organization, it’s only natural to wonder if (and when) the time is right to spread your wings and forge a path on your own as the content marketing industry continues to grow and evolve.

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  • Are Small Brands Really At a Content Marketing Disadvantage?

    Published 1 min ago 21 As one of the hottest trends on the web, it’s only natural to think of content marketing as something reserved for the “big boys” and other major industry players. It makes sense, considering how astronomical the promotional budgets for some of these brands are, in addition to the fact that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to sway a target audience.

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  • Delving Deeper into the Aftermath of ‘Mobilegeddon’

    Published 6 hours ago 60 Few names – if any – strike quite as much fear and awe into the digital masses as Google. As the biggest player in the search engine world, everything this tech giant does seems to send shockwaves through the rest of the industry. Don’t believe it? Just look at the panic and fervor surrounding the most recent search algorithm update, “Mobilegeddon.

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  • Do Brands Really Have to Behave as Media Companies?

    Published 3 days ago 167 When it comes to “talking shop” in the world of content marketing, few names carry quite as much clout as Gary Vaynerchuk. As a leading marketer, short film producer, New York Times best-selling author and owner of a variety of other accolades, you’d be hard pressed to argue this point.

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  • Can Marketers Learn from Old School Real Estate Agents?

    Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Owned Media There are certain industries that change their practices at a snails pace. The real estate sector is certainly one of them. Only recently have real estate agents turned to content marketing in order to augment (READ: not replace) their current marketing practices.

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