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  • Why crawl budget and URL scheduling might impact rankings in website migrations

    Earlier this year, Google’s Gary Illyes stated that 30x redirects (301, 302, etc.) do not result in a loss or dilution of PageRank. As you can imagine, many SEOs have greeted this claim with skepticism. In a recent Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout, I asked Google’s John Mueller whether perhaps the skepticism was because when SEOs experience loss of visibility during mi ...

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  • Test: Google Will Rank Keywords in Image Title Attribute Tag

    The topic of ‘Does Googlebot still see and use img=”title” for ranking of images in Google Images?”, recently came up in discussion in a post on SERoundtable, based on a Twitter conversation between Google’s John Mueller and myself. To add context, I had been auditing a project and came across the use of ‘onmouseover’ for img titles (NOTE: NOT IMG=”ALT” that most are familiar ...

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