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  • Make Media Research a Content Priority

    Most marketers know that having a documented content marketing strategy and understanding one’s audience are vital for success. Where you may fall short, however, is by under-investing in media research — the type of research that will help uncover how you will distribute and promote your content before you create it.

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  • Brand Museums: How Companies Tell Their Stories

    As brands seek new ways to tell their stories, some are finding value in creating brand museums to showcase their company history and heritage. Whether it’s a dedicated space in a flagship store or global headquarters, or a standalone venue such as the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee or the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany, nostalgic on-site visitor experiences can be an ef ...

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  • How to Create a Marketing Team That Cares About Revenue

    When Toby Lee joined the tax & accounting division of Thomson Reuters in 2012, he was asked to bring excitement to the conservative (and sometimes stale) industry marketplace. His Silicon Valley marketing background was a perfect fit for an organization hungry for inspiration and change. “They didn’t care that I was new to the industry because they wanted someone who unde ...

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  • How to Create a Culture Where Content Marketing Thrives

    When Dusty DiMercurio began his work at Autodesk, he had a bold vision of what was possible for the design-and-engineering software company. To win over allies, however, Dusty started small by launching a blog called Line//Shape//Space. Four years later, he’s grown that small pilot project into a multi-award-winning publication and is influencing the entire organization to thi ...

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  • How One Brand Created a Movement by Investing in Purpose

    A software company that helps civil and industrial contractors manage projects from bid to completion, HCSS has been in business for 30 years. Its customers build everything from roads and waste treatment plants, to bridges, dams, and pipelines. While the company traditionally has had a rich marketing culture, four years ago it opted to emphasize content and brought in Dan Briscoe.

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  • Hire for 4 Uncommon Content Marketing Roles

    We connected with thought leaders to talk about their content marketing hiring wish lists. Here are four of the uncommon positions they have or would like to have on their teams. Social journalist Job summary: A traditional journalist who understands the art and science of building audiences online Responsibilities: Combine journalism skills, social-media-superstar status, ...

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  • 3 Proven Ways to Nail Visual Storytelling

    Consider this: Your content can generate up to 94% more views if you add compelling visual elements and graphics, according to HubSpot. To make visual storytelling work, however, you can’t simply slap a few stock photos onto your blog or social media posts. Just as headlines and calls to action must be crafted carefully, your visual content deserves more than a second thought.

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  • How to save money and avoid birthday party drama

    The school year’s well underway and the weekly birthday party invitations are pouring in. If you’ve got a couple of kids in school, with 20 to 30 children in each of their classes, the birthday party circuit can get very expensive, very quickly. If you don’t want to add a line item into your budget to cover kid gifts and party items, or become that party pooper parent, here ...

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  • How to get the most mileage out of baby gear

    If you’ve ever shopped for baby stuff, you know that it’s very easy to see your paycheck disappear in a flash. So. Much. Stuff! Do babies really need all of these things, you might wonder? Probably not, but you ultimately buy everything anyway because you want your little ones to have every new high-tech bouncy seat, fancy teething toy, and designer baby cuteness imaginable.

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  • How to throw great, yet affordable, football parties

    A new season is here that has nothing to do with pumpkin-spiced everything – it’s football season. Every Saturday and Sunday (and Monday and Thursday nights, too) provide a great excuse to get together with friends and root for your team. Or some other team. Does it really matter? Of course your entertainment and recreation funds aren’t unlimited.

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