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  • You Really Have No Idea How Your Media Plans Are Being Built!

    It is a little before midnight; I am late submitting this article by three days; I am jetlagged beyond belief; I am halfway around the world from home for the third time in a month; I have six 8-year-olds for my daughter’s sleepover hyped up on sugar and food coloring around me (dancing to the Kaiser Chiefs) and, quite frankly, I am feeling downright ranty! (Before my kids’ sleepover, I moved.

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  • Predicting And Creating The Media RFP Of 2016

    Without question, digital media planning is evolving continuously. In some ways, this evolution is happening too fast for the media buying world to keep up - in others, too slow to keep pace with the ongoing innovation. Regardless of how you see it, it's clear that the RFP (Request For Proposal) process and format must change; so how different will RFPs look 18 months from n ...

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  • 6 Common Mistakes Of Acquisition Marketers In Display

    New customers are the lifeblood of any business, and often the most expensive area of investment. Brands often build complex processes and campaigns to drive new interest, and measure it to the point of conversion. Yet, despite its importance and the extent of the investment, there are six errors that are repeated time and time again. 1.

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  • One Tech Stack To Rule Them All: Potential Programmatic Pitfalls

    Agencies tend to pigeonhole programmatic vendors. Some vendors are used for specific goals such as prospecting, others for specific tactics (site retargeting, etc.), and still others for the third-party data they can provide. There's a certain logic to the approach. It makes it easier for agencies to keep things simple. Every vendor gets a nice little line item in an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Understanding Live Intent Data: Lifting The Veil Over Marketers’ Eyes

    In last month's column, "Real Time" In Display Advertising Doesn't Really Mean Real Time, we discussed how despite the industry talking about doing "real-time marketing" or "real-time bidding" (RTB); in most cases, they are not actually using real-time techniques to run their campaigns. The media itself might be traded in live auctions, but the data being used are typically not live.

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