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  • SEO Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    How do people find what they’re looking for on the web? Search engines. And in order for business owners to ensure that their content appears as the most relevant resource for prospective customers, they must optimize web pages to show up in search engine results for specific keywords. But let’s say you’re a beginner when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

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  • Podcasting Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Perhaps you’ve reached a stage in your business where you are ready to do something new. You have a story to tell or education to share, but you’d like to do more than just writing. Or, you may feel that your audience isn’t growing as quickly anymore. If you relate to any of those scenarios, then you might want to consider launching a podcast.

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  • Membership Sites Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Let’s imagine you’ve published more than 100 articles on your website and you have 500 subscribers. Many of those articles drive substantial traffic to your site, and you’ve published 12 guest blog posts on other websites. Those guest posts also drive traffic and help you gain subscribers. About once a month, you get an invitation to be interviewed or sit on a panel.

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  • Marketing Automation Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Ever find yourself in a conversation with your boss or a client and she mentions implementing marketing automation? Did you understand her request, or did the conversation grind to a halt because you’re not familiar with the term? If you fall into the second category, you’re not alone. Marketing automation is a hot topic these days, and its popularity has grown rapidly sin ...

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  • Landing Pages Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    You’ve probably heard us talk about landing pages a lot around here. There is a good reason for that. When executed correctly, a landing page is a powerful tool that helps you gain new subscribers, sell your products, and more. But what exactly is a landing page? Watch our short, fun video about landing pages With help from our friends at The Draw Shop, we whipped up 12 de ...

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  • Infographics Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Way back in 2011, Steven Bristol and Allan Branch, a couple of strapping entrepreneurs with in-vogue facial hair, decided to poke fun at infographics — with an infographic. The title said it all: “Infographs are Ruining the Internet.” (“Infograph” is their terminology used for the purpose of their content.

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  • 10 Classic Copywriting Books for Results-Driven Content Marketers

    There are two main ways for content marketers to absorb vital copywriting mechanics: learning and practicing. I’m not going to help you with the practicing part today. You simply need to write … and keep on writing. But I will assist with the education part by recommending 10 classic copywriting books that will help you obey the unbreakable law of the web.

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  • Email Marketing Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Millennials … you’ve got to love them. Particularly when it comes to their devotion to checking their email. According to an August 2015 survey on email by Adobe, Millennials are the age group most likely to check their email: From bed (70 percent) From the bathroom (57 percent) While driving (27 percent) That’s a lot of looking at your email inbox.

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  • Want to Be an Amazing Writer? Read Like One

    When it comes to reading, there are two ditches modern-day web writers may fall into. Both are notorious, unrefined, and dangerous — especially if you want to be more than an ordinary writer. On one side, you have the ditch of never-ending digital content where you spend all your time reading online.

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  • Digital Commerce Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Here are a couple of startling stats to start your morning: $9 billion. That’s the amount of money spent worldwide on ebooks in 2015. $21.3 billion. That’s the amount of revenue from online education in the U.S. alone in 2015. And let’s not forget that mobile usage is off the charts, podcasts are growing in popularity every day, and software as a service is a new business norm.

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  • Cornerstone Content Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    Cornerstone content is vital for both seasoned bloggers and anyone launching a brand-new website because it can help you accomplish many of your content marketing goals. Goals like: Getting links to your website Finding new readers Attracting subscribers Ranking in search engines for competitive keywords Highlighting archived material But what exactly is corner ...

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  • Affinity Content: The Key to Growing Your Community

    This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. Due to its potential to generate large amounts of traffic, but result in low conversion rates, bare-bones Attraction content is kind of like saying, “Let’s throw some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.” It’s the spaghetti that sticks around that matters.

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  • Authority Content: Build an Audience that Builds Your Business

    This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. In a famous 1963 experiment at Yale University, psychologist Stanley Milgram learned that people’s duty to authority runs pretty dang deep. Here’s how he conducted the study. Two participants met and were placed in separate rooms. One participant was the “learner,” and one was the “teacher.

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  • A/B Testing Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    I remember my first A/B test. It was between two different email subject lines. The first subject line briefly described the contents of the email. The second subject line was basically the same, except I added the word “free.” There was a lot riding on this test, too — namely my reputation. I was new in my position, and during our first collaborative meeting with the web ...

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  • What Is Creativity? 21 Authentic Definitions You’ll Love [Free Poster]

    She was an odd mix of soft skin and rowdy in the mouth. And by that, I mean she was bright, chirpy, and quick with the quirky jokes, ribbing it with the best of them, but prone to fits of sobbing at the first sign of disagreement. I needed to be cautious. To curb my Neanderthal-like love for hurling abuse at editorial outlaws. Not to mention, she was new.

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