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  • Startup Focus: Less Fluff, More Focus on Business Impact

    Whether it’s about your project, your startup or your school work, we all go through this issue in life. We always try to do more than we actually have to. For entrepreneurs like you and me, we tend to want to 10x everything and just work harder than everybody else, which sometimes can go against us. For startup founders, this tends to happen with our products as well.

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  • Startup Killers: The Users That You Don’t Want

    I see a lot of new people nowadays in the startup scene that give the weirdest advice. Sometimes, I really think some of these guys haven’t even tried being in the trenches. One of the more recent things I’ve heard was during a conversation where a founder asked their investor/advisor if he should be serving people that were asking for a solution that wasn’t in their original plans.

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  • Dealing with Launch Delay and Why You Need to Launch Quickly

    If there’s one thing that we founders hate, it’s the word DELAY. From launching your product or MVP, to releasing a small patch or a big feature, we all Sure we can live with it. We know it’s something that will happen from time to time. BUT IT SUCKS. It costs time, money and potential improvements in acquisition, retention and sales.

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  • Technique: Trust the Process & Reach Your Startup’s “1” Goal

    Here’s the thing. You have that one goal for your startup, right? In many cases you have more than 1 but there’s always that one big one. As you slug along and go through the up and down journey with your startup and as an entrepreneur to reach that one goal, you’ll come to a point that you’d start asking yourself if you are doing the right thing.

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  • APAR Method – Startup Product Improvement Cycle

    Running a startup is grueling. You’re probably running one now, that’s why you found this. It’s fast paced, you’re expected to perform or tweak your product, yet, you still need planning and grinding out the work. Sometimes, it gets really overwhelming. Especially when it comes to what features or improvements you’ll need to be working on next.

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  • Google Hates SEO?

    A lot of you reading this blog are into SEO. Chances are, you are new and still learning about it. You’ve most likely come across different content that contradict each other. “Is SEO bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. “Is link building bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. Then you logically […] Auth ...

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  • Crafting Your Startup’s Unique Value Proposition

    I talked about MVP’s last time and this week, I’ll be talking about UVP, which is basically your Unique Value Proposition. You can also call it USP. Guess what the S stands for. You might be wondering why your startup will need a UVP. Thing is, you need it right from the start. What is an UVP you might ask? It’s exactly what it is.

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  • Startup Pricing – Start Free or Charge?

    I got asked this question recently on Snapchat. “I have just started my Startup. I’m not sure if I’ll need to start free or just start charging right from the start.” That’s a pretty awesome question! I’ve heard that question before as I’ve asked myself that multiple times. (The voices…in my head…) It’s one of those questions that keep on popping up as the number of new entrepreneurs grow.

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  • Personal Development through Challenges and Blogging

    I’ve been wondering to myself recently. Over the years, I’ve seen other people blog about their experiences about things as it happened. That got me thinking… I haven’t really done that yet in my life, so that might be fun. Blogging or documenting something will help motivate me and keep me in check.

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  • Getting Links is Not EASY, Deal With It

    I’ve been away for a few months to work on my startup. It’s been a real challenge but it’s helping me grow further as a person, as an entrepreneur. As my schedule has permitted me to start writing again, I “think” I’m actually back now! To those that have continued to support me and this […] Author information ...

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  • The 10 Most Entertaining SEO Blogs You Can Follow

    “I’m sorry, Dennis. I just can’t finish a whole article!” That’s what they always say when I ask (force) people to read SEO related posts… SEO is not boring! That’s what we in the industry tell ourselves and everyone nearby if they’ll listen to it. Because it isn’t. Really. I like to joke about it but […] Author information Dennis Seymour Co-Founder at Leapfroggr Inc | Di ...

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  • An Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Blogging

    Want to add a blog to your entrepreneurial venture but not sure how to do it? No worries, the answer’s here. In this guide, you’ll find all the resources and advice you need at every step of the process. Each of the areas in this guide is dedicated to one aspect of blogging. Still, that […] Author information Dennis Seymour Co-Founder at Leapfroggr Inc | Digital Marketing ...

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  • Here’s How Social Media Affects Your SEO

    We hear a lot of confusing things about SEO nowadays. Here’s the problem, in brief: there’s more crap now than ever before. It accumulates and somehow multiplies. Old articles still float around that aren’t applicable anymore. Outdated eBooks that are still considered “epic” resources. Forums with people still preaching the same things from 8 years […] Author information D ...

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  • Schema Plugin Version 1.1 Beta

    We released the initial beta version of the WordPress Schema plugin about a month ago when we mentioned it in the local schema post. Again, we opted not to include this in the WordPress repository just yet. Maybe in the next version. We wanted to be able to test this with a small sample group […] Author information Dennis Seymour Co-Founder at Leapfroggr Inc | Digital Mar ...

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