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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 24

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 24 By Dennis Seymour · April 24, 2017 It’s almost the end of the challenge and I’ve definitely discovered a lot more about myself. This is another special-case week as it’s the start of a major and bus ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 23

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 23 By Dennis Seymour · April 23, 2017 Woke up around 4am but I continued to sleep. Why? I told myself that I needed this weekend to recharge before the busy week ahead. I’m expecting it to be the most tiring week of my life, embarking to a new place, new dialect and new culture to try and “sell” our services to more possible users. It’s also ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 22

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 22 By Dennis Seymour · April 22, 2017 Yesterday was the 4th straight highly productive day and I got to bed around 1am because of a last meeting. I think it took a toll on my body. I wasn’t able to wake up early at all. I woke up from time to time throughout the night but I guess deep sleep hit me after 3am and not even the alarms could wake me up or my ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 21

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 21 By Dennis Seymour · April 21, 2017 My stubborn ass just wouldn’t give up. I slept at 2am this time trying to grind what I could before today’s big tasks and before I have my trip on Monday next week for a conference. I made i ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 20

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 20 By Dennis Seymour · April 20, 2017 I had a very productive day yesterday. Hit around 18 Pomodoros out the park. So, the dumbass that I am, decided to give it one more try. Just like yesterday, I failed miserably. I slept around 1am as I grinded out as much as I could since I was on a role. I felt like it was the right thing ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 19

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 19 By Dennis Seymour · April 19, 2017 Ok…yesterday was awesome. I got to 18 Pomodoros and finished some really tedious tasks. So, I tried to push it. I tried this last time and failed but I decided to try again and push myself to my limits and see what ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 18

    So, the alarm didn’t go off. I have to figure out why iOS does this sometimes. I think it locks itself when it’s low power mode. So I woke up around 4:48 with no alarm. After I unlocked it, it started to ring properly. WTF iOS. Yesterday was tiring mentally and physically. I had to churn out at least 11 Pomodoros in the morning alone as I needed to rush and travel to a meet ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 17

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 17 By Dennis Seymour · April 17, 2017 17 days in and a week of “holidays” is now done. Nothing is more unproductive than holidays because it messes with your routine. I had a hard time waking up in the morning as I had to convince myself to get back to work. Even with all the things I’ve laid out the night before, the holiday feeling is really hard to fight off.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 16

    It’s past the halfway mark now. They say it takes over 21 days to acquire a new habit, so I guess I’m almost there. Progress update: Scheduling is a must even if you wake up early, you won’t get much done if you don’t prioritize Review before going to sleep as it helps your mind get started once that alarm rings, well, unless you’re a freak and you don’t even use alarms ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 15

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 15 By Dennis Seymour · April 15, 2017 After a day of totally not caring and giving up, I’m finally up and ready to get ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 14

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 14 By Dennis Seymour · April 14, 2017 As I expected, combining a birthday and a holiday was gonna be unproductive. Good thing I woke up early yesterday to finish what I aimed for. For days like that, you’ll be pulled away from what you’re doing and if you have kids, you’ll feel guilty as well. You better ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 13

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 13 By Dennis Seymour · April 13, 2017 Finally, a day where I could have enough time to get to a deep work state. Finished Pomodoro 8 before 3pm. I finished my work time around 630 to travel to another meeting. Though distractions kept happening on the other half of the day, at least for the initial half, I was able to grind out and accomplish things.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 12

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 12 By Dennis Seymour · April 12, 2017 Yesterday was productive. I have managed to get my head back into things so the extra rest was beneficial. I was able to accomplish 8 Pomodoros only because of the meeting we needed to go to. With the traffic here, it was a shitty drive back. Anyway, I consider that a #win and I really did learn something.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 11

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 11 By Dennis Seymour · April 11, 2017 Yesterday morning, I thought was ready for anything because I assumed that I was well rested to get back into things. I was wrong. There are things that you just can’t turn “on” anytime you want to. I was able to accomplish some tasks but I could not get into the deep work mode that I wanted. I felt very tired by mid day.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 9

    Another day in the wilderness. I woke up today at 3:30am. Then again around 4:15am when my alarm sounded. I stayed in bed for a bit to think about what I can do while there’s no internet. I eventually made my way out and this is what I’m dealing with right now. It’s so dark outside, just me and the sounds of nature. LOL. Now that I think about it, I should be glad to still be able to wake up.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 10

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 10 By Dennis Seymour · April 10, 2017 I cheated. I moved the time for an extra hour. I felt like my body needed an extra hour, so I decided to add an hour to my alarm before I slept. 250km later, I’m back to civilization. I was able to accomplish 4 Pomodoros yesterday (Sunday) morning before going to the beach. Not much but I had no choice ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 8

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 8 By Dennis Seymour · April 8, 2017 It’s been a week for this challenge. So far, so good. Let’s see how this second week goes. Now, here’s the thing. I’m in a remote part of the country with no signal. I am not even sure I can publish this today. Side note, people are starting to mock me for what I’m doing. People think it’s stupid because they tell me so.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 7

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 7 By Dennis Seymour · April 7, 2017 Yesterday started a bit late so I had to double down on how I spent my time. Pomodoro wise, I got to 8 which is a miracle with all the stuff in the office and family stuff. My Thursdays are supposedly my Self Development day (which means it’s the day I read and learn new stuff) but I had to cut it off by half to account ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 6

    Yesterday was my best day so far in this challenge. I got a great start, had a great workout and finished 4 pomodoros by 8am. People were literally just waking up when I finished writing my article in Mcdonalds… I practically finished the important things I needed to do before 11am. How can I say that? Isn’t productivity just making ourselves do more and more tasks that we can ...

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 5

    There’s so much on my plate today… I over-scheduled some tasks apparently. I’ll sort through them after this post. I noticed that I’m getting used to waking up this early. The quiet is definitely the most rewarding part because you can really do what you want to do. With toddler in the house now, there are a lot of things that I can’t do anymore at night, so waking up early does make up for it.

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