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  • What is AMP?

    What is AMP? You might have seen this recently when you were browsing around google. You might have seen a carousel or regular looking listings but with an “AMP” on the side or bottom of the listing. When you clicked on the listing, the site looked sup ...

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  • Why I am Writing on This Blog

    Here’s the thing. This is the first post on this blog and I need to tell you why I am doing this. I’ve been meaning to start writing on this separate part of the blog for so long and I’ve put it off again and again because, well, life happened ...

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  • Why the Lean Startup Approach might be Wasting your Time

    The lean startup approach has affected millions of entrepreneurs and their startups. Our startup, for one, also adapted it. Build, measure & learn. Drawn on Snapchat It’s how you get from the assumption, to building it out, to tracking/learning from the data. After all, the faster you test things, the faster you get to product-market fit, the closer you get to success.

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  • Startup Roller Coaster: How to Cope with the Ups and Downs

    If you’ve been following along my journey on this blog, you probably know by now that I only use Snapchat to document my #StartupLife which is why you’ll see a lot of my Stories revolving around what I do day to day. I often say it’s not easy. But, in all honesty, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s a long road to get to where you want to be.

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  • Why Use Snapchat?

    I’m a borderline millennial and all my friends don’t use Snapchat at all. They keep looking at me like I’m crazy when I mention it sometimes. When I do mention it, they keep telling me why I’m fussing all about it. It’s a weird world that we live in. Now that Snapchat is going public and they see the valuation since the press is eating it up, they are now asking me about it a ...

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  • How to Use Snapchat for Businesses in the Philippines

    The Snapchat effect. People call it that nowadays because everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon now. Disappearing messages and using them to give updates about your day to your friends and followers. From Line’s Snow, Instagram Stories, to Facebook Messenger, heck, even Viber has joined in, at least for disappearing messages.

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  • No, Your Startup Doesn’t Have to Scale Right from the Start

    As founders, a lot of what we choose to do gets scrutinized. This is especially the case when we take in investments and new partners. Eventually, friends, family, peers, and even the media that cover your work, will jump in and do the same thing to you and your startup. It can be overwhelming for many founders and worse, it can drive you to make the wrong decisions, which co ...

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  • Startup Lessons: Stop Fearing the Wrong Things

    I was in a conversation among my team members and the topic of “fears” was brought up. From there, I heard different things, from fear of the company failing, to one of the founders quitting, to Facebook funding a local competitor and going against us… I’ve tried my best of the past year (we’re almost a year in) to squelch those thoughts and it seems to have paid off for the most part.

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  • Startup Focus: Less Fluff, More Focus on Business Impact

    Whether it’s about your project, your startup or your school work, we all go through this issue in life. We always try to do more than we actually have to. For entrepreneurs like you and me, we tend to want to 10x everything and just work harder than everybody else, which sometimes can go against us. For startup founders, this tends to happen with our products as well.

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  • Startup Killers: The Users That You Don’t Want

    I see a lot of new people nowadays in the startup scene that give the weirdest advice. Sometimes, I really think some of these guys haven’t even tried being in the trenches. One of the more recent things I’ve heard was during a conversation where a founder asked their investor/advisor if he should be serving people that were asking for a solution that wasn’t in their original plans.

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  • Dealing with Launch Delay and Why You Need to Launch Quickly

    If there’s one thing that we founders hate, it’s the word DELAY. From launching your product or MVP, to releasing a small patch or a big feature, we all Sure we can live with it. We know it’s something that will happen from time to time. BUT IT SUCKS. It costs time, money and potential improvements in acquisition, retention and sales.

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  • Technique: Trust the Process & Reach Your Startup’s “1” Goal

    Here’s the thing. You have that one goal for your startup, right? In many cases you have more than 1 but there’s always that one big one. As you slug along and go through the up and down journey with your startup and as an entrepreneur to reach that one goal, you’ll come to a point that you’d start asking yourself if you are doing the right thing.

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  • APAR Method – Startup Product Improvement Cycle

    Running a startup is grueling. You’re probably running one now, that’s why you found this. It’s fast paced, you’re expected to perform or tweak your product, yet, you still need planning and grinding out the work. Sometimes, it gets really overwhelming. Especially when it comes to what features or improvements you’ll need to be working on next.

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  • Google Hates SEO?

    A lot of you reading this blog are into SEO. Chances are, you are new and still learning about it. You’ve most likely come across different content that contradict each other. “Is SEO bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. “Is link building bad?” Some articles say Yes and some, No. Then you logically […] Auth ...

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  • Crafting Your Startup’s Unique Value Proposition

    I talked about MVP’s last time and this week, I’ll be talking about UVP, which is basically your Unique Value Proposition. You can also call it USP. Guess what the S stands for. You might be wondering why your startup will need a UVP. Thing is, you need it right from the start. What is an UVP you might ask? It’s exactly what it is.

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  • Startup Pricing – Start Free or Charge?

    I got asked this question recently on Snapchat. “I have just started my Startup. I’m not sure if I’ll need to start free or just start charging right from the start.” That’s a pretty awesome question! I’ve heard that question before as I’ve asked myself that multiple times. (The voices…in my head…) It’s one of those questions that keep on popping up as the number of new entrepreneurs grow.

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