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  • How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business

    Is your local business on Facebook? Wondering how to make your Facebook page official? Verifying a local business page adds a layer of legitimacy to your presence and can help customers feel more confident when they engage with you on Facebook. In this article, you’ll discover how to get your local Facebook page verified. by Dennis Yu on Social Media Examiner.

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  • A Social Media Manager’s View on SEO

    If you’re a social media manager, you may see the world of search-engine optimization as arcane Google trickery mixed with quasi-technical babblings. Allow me to show you how to make Google and the various folks who do SEO your buddies. First, Google what you think you should be ranking on. I did a search on “Facebook dollar a day” just now and was happy to see our article ...

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  • How to Target Your Facebook Ads to Business Locations

    Do you want to get your Facebook posts in front of an audience at a specific physical location? Have you considered targeting people based on where they work? Using workplace targeting makes it easy to get your content in front of the right people at the right company. In this article, you’ll discover how to use workplace targeting to serve Facebook ads to people who work ...

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  • 6 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cost Per Facebook Fan

    You probably know some people that endlessly brag about acquiring Facebook fans for pennies. Don’t listen to them. Sure, having a lot of fans is great, but how do you drive down the cost per fan while increasing the quality of fans? We had a chat with Sarah Sal, a Facebook ads expert, and she gave us some key insights: A friend of Sal’s asked for help lowering her cost per fan from $2.70.

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  • The gaping hole in your competitive analytics

    Avinash Kaushik wrote a killer piece that he calls the “ultimate guide for learning how to do amazing competitive analysis”. You should definitely check it out and read through the dozens of painstakingly assembled links. But there’s one glaring issue: it was written in 2015 but assumes the world is still like 2005.

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  • This is an ad, but not really

    Imagine if in the first 3 seconds of a YouTube ad we run, we say “hey, this isn’t an ad- don’t hit skip- maybe someone wildly waving for attention or a giant red warning of “if you hit skip, you lose.” Anything to get them not to skip. Then we explain how just because we paid a few pennies to get their attention, our objective doesn’t have to be to get them to open their wallets right now.

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  • Buying links gives way to buying influence– is it the same game?

    We’ve said that paying for content is like paying for sex. If your content is awesome, you shouldn’t be paying them– they should be paying you. Same for any type of content sharing or work. Have You Received One of These? Examole of an email requesting paid guest posting In the last fifteen years, I’ve gone to a few hundred conferences and paid for only a couple of them.

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  • Facebook wants to make Dennis Yu more successful

    Do you notice Facebook sending you more and more tidbits like this? They realize that education, not pushy salespeople, is the key to getting advertisers to spend more. In this case, we’re looking at the page insights for my public figure page (there are no insights on profiles, of course, so don’t call your profile your “page”).

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  • The ultimate goldmine of Facebook marketing training

    Did you know that Facebook produces awesome guides on nearly every topic you’re interested in? Perhaps you want to know how to tune offers to drive in-store sales, understand how your videos are performing, or structure your campaigns the right way. Facebook creates these training materials, but doesn’t share them widely, for some reason.

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  • Why CPC, CPM, oCPM, and other bid types don’t matter

    Don’t chase the trickster rabbit into the briar patch. Unless you are in the business of building ad optimization software (like me), it’s a distraction for you. Back in 2007, it mattered. The Facebook ad algorithms weren’t smart enough to know what a conversion was, so you had to spoonfeed targets, placements, and bids.

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  • Facebook location targeting demystified

    A few years ago, when you chose a location target on Facebook, you naturally assumed you were targeting people by where they lived. That worked for local businesses and nearly anyone except travel-related companies. But if you were selling rooms for a Las Vegas hotel, knowing where they live or where they currently are doesn’t help you much.

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  • The Surprising Link Between Paid and Organic Viral Reach on Facebook

    Facebook, Paid Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion You’ve heard brands lament their shrinking organic reach, blaming Facebook’s money-hungry ad machine, hiding behind the complaints of various marketing gurus. Yet folks like the Golden State Warriors drive 8 million impressions and 2 million clicks on a simple 15 second amateur video with no ads.

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  • How Facebook says you should handle a social crisis

    Why not take it from the horse’s mouth? A couple years ago, the CMO of a major restaurant chain called me in a midnight panic. A server got fired for complaining about their new uniforms. So he ranted about getting fired on YouTube. Unbeknownst to management, he had 40,000 YouTube followers. Should they respond to him or ignore it? Common sense is not common.

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  • Facebook’s Fred Leach explains: Going beyond the Like

    Here’s one from the archives of the Adobe Summit, where thousands of Adobe Marketing Cloud users get together annually for learning and partying. Fred Leach (not pictured), who leads Monetization Analytics of Measurement Research, Development and Partnerships at Facebook, spoke at the Adobe Summit, and here are a few takeaways from his presentation.

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