depth of knowledge by jeff sauer

  • Episode 6: Aleyda Solis

    Most of us have a fear of public speaking, but imagine speaking to a crowd of over a thousand people in your second language. That was the situation that faced Aleyda Solis in 2012, when the folks at Moz invited her to share one of the biggest and most coveted stages in marketing at Mozcon… But let’s rewind a little bit first.

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  • Episode 5: Cyrus Shepard

    We all reach conclusions at different times, and based on different experiences. For Cyrus Shepard, it took more than a few tries to find his calling in the world of SEO, but when he got there? His rise to the top has been truly remarkable. Just look at this list of jobs that Cyrus has held over his career. It took 34 jobs to get into affiliate marketing.

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  • Episode 4: Lisa Grimm

    You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t assume you know someone’s story by simply reading their LinkedIn profile. I have known Lisa Grimm for years, but it wasn’t until we sat down to talk for the podcast that I learned so much more about Lisa’s career and ambitions. The first assumption I made was that Lisa always knew that Public Relations/Social Media was whe ...

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  • Episode 3: Julien Coquet

    How does a linguist become a thought leader in the web analytics community? By following the opportunities that come up along the way. Julien Coquet took advantage of several opportunities and projects that found him responsible for helping organizations understand the effectiveness of their website. Over time he became a thought leader in the web analytics community.

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  • Episode 2: Krista Seiden

    Krista Seiden has a background that doesn’t scream analyst on the front end, but boy has she made a name for herself during her career. Starting out as a pre-med major and eventually shifting to economics and political science, Krista originally thought that she would have a career in politics. Now she is influencing millions of people all over the world as an Analytics evangelist for Google.

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  • Episode 1: Rand Fishkin

    Today we get to interview Rand Fishkin. You probably know him as the husband of Geraldine, a hilarious travel blogger. Or perhaps as the Wizard of Moz or as one of the most fashionable men in SEO. I call him a friend and mentor. If you haven’t heard Rand’s story before, then you are in for a treat.

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  • Introducing the Jumpstart with Jeffalytics Podcast

    Hello friends! Today I have an exciting project to share with you. It is called the Jumpstart podcast, and features long form interviews with some of my favorite marketers. This project is over a year in the making, and our first full episode goes live on October 1st (yes, tomorrow). I am so excited to reveal our first guest, but I also wanted to get an episode ready to go th ...

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