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  • How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post

    I just published a video where I show you how I made $500,000 from one single blog post. Yes. From ONE blog post. It’s a long video. 84 minutes. It’s from a presentation I gave at a mastermind where many of the people in the room were advanced business owners. So, I know you’ll dig it. How I Got $500,000 From One Blog Post Now, I know this sounds like clickbait. And it sort of is.

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  • Warning: If You Use A Popup Signup Form On Your Website, Read This…

    Google (and other platforms) have waged war against websites that use intrusive popup boxes on mobile websites… It’s bad, too. Popups convert very well. But I understand why they hate them. So I created a new way to turn mobile website visitors into subscribers and customers. What else can you do? First, here’s the back story… According to Search Engine Land: * Showing a ...

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  • An Open Letter To Anyone Who Creates Content For 2018

    So, the content game is changing. And people are scared. “Help! Facebook changed the algo. What can I do?” “My email open rates are declining and I don’t know what to do” “My website traffic is the lowest it’s ever been. Help!” It hit everyone like a ton of bricks. And you know what? It will get worse.

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  • Planet Derek: The 5 Day Product Launch (Episode 2)

    So, you want to create a product launch? I host a mastermind with business owners who do more than $500,000 a year in revenue and want to scale to multiple seven figures in revenue. And they recently asked me the same question: “What’s the best way to launch a product?” Here’s what I said… The Truth About Product Launches When most people launch a product, they often just say, “Hey guys.

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  • Planet Derek: Why People Ignore You – And How To Fix It (Episode 1)

    So I recently spoke at a conference in Las Vegas. In the Q&A a business owner told me about what she does. I had to interrupt… “But why does it matter?” And that’s where she stumbled. I’m not putting her on blast, because the truth is as simple as this: she’s good at what she does, but when it comes to describing what she does to someone she doesn’t know… in a concise ...

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  • Need more sales? Watch me rewrite a headline ON THE SPOT

    So, I just got back from Asheville, North Carolina where I gave a speech to a bunch of people about how to make more sales. It was a 90 minute presentation. But luckily for you I brought my video guy to film the entire thing. And the best part? I have a 7 minute clip where I show you how you can instantly begin making more sales. The secret? Watch the video. It’s 7 minutes.

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