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  • How to Analyze What Consumers Read After They See Your Ads

    You might think you know who your customers are. After all, you deal with them every day and think about them even when you’re not at work. And yet, you can always stand to learn more about your current and potential consumers based on their behaviors. If you know the kind of content that drives them to engage with your brand, you can discover the places they spend time online ...

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  • How to create insights from consumers’ click histories

    Without any action behind it, data is just a bunch of numbers. Clickstream data is particularly valuable, providing insights about what consumers are doing. Data alone does not lead to insights. Analyzed data backed by a hypothesis and placed in the right context, on the other hand, does. Clickstream information is a particularly good set of data for marketers to examine if t ...

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  • How to Discover Your Competition’s SEO Strategies

    Not so long ago, SEO was easier. When people visited your website, Google was all too happy to reveal the breadcrumb trail of search terms that led them there. That all changed on Oct. 18, 2011, when Google started to encrypt its information and hide certain keywords from website owners. The tech giant didn’t leave marketers totally in the dark, but the information available ...

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