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  • How I Increased My Email Conversions by 344%

    If you’re trying to build an audience, you need a laser-like focus on one thing: Increasing email conversions from your blog content. Someone’s inbox is sacred. You can talk to them away from the noise of the internet, in a place they are comfortable. A place where they trust you. Email marketing is the single most effective way to get repeat traffic, build a loyal fanbase ...

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  • [INFOGRAPHIC] Email Vs. Social Media

    This is a guest post from Devesh Khanal of Devesh Design. Here’s the truth: Your social media following will not grow your revenue. Relying on social media to drive sales is a mistake for a lot of online businesses. Take Morgan, for example. Morgan wants to start selling her handmade soap online. Her local vendors regularly sell out and now she wants to share her product with the world.

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  • List Building Case Study: How to Get 492% More Email Subscribers

    What if I told you that you could build your email list from a blog post, using a technique that outperforms other methods by 500% or more? You’d think you’re already using it, right? I mean, if it’s that effective, everyone would already be doing it. You must know about it. You’d be wrong. You probably have never heard of it. Heck, any content-rich page could use it, not just blog posts.

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