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  • You Can Get A Herd of Grazing Goats on the New Amazon Home Services

    Have you ever bought something at a place like Ikea, brought it home with the anticipation of having your new entertainment hutch ready to use before the big game only to open the box to find hundreds of parts, screws, bolts and a seeming “book” of instructions with how to put it together? It is in moments like these that I have wished I could just call someone to come and magically put it toget.

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  • The Academy Awards, the Oscars and Your Brand Messaging

    Like many of you, I watched the Oscars Sunday to see the outfits (just being honest) and to hear if any of my favorite movies or actors would win, but I was inspired to write this post on brands and how consistency in brand messaging is essential. After watching for a little while someone mentioned the Academy Awards and in the same sentence referred to it as the Oscars.

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  • What I Learned Watching Saturday Night Live About Digital Marketing

    Like many Americans, and probably many more worldwide, I watched the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Reunion Show a few days ago. And it really got me thinking about digital marketing and how timing is everything. My take on it was much like the reviews I am seeing on social media and hearing on the morning radio shows – some of it was greatness and other parts were borin ...

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  • Calculating the ROI on Industry Awards for Your Business

    Are you one of those brands or agencies that think, “I will submit for this award or that award” and then immediately move on to something else because you don’t see an ROI in taking the time to prepare your submission. Submitting pays off – check out some of our awards. Here at Advice Interactive Group, we, like all of you, want to make sure that we are always using our time ...

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