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  • 3 Easy Landing Page Updates To Improve Quality Score

    August 16, 2017 If you are immersed in the world of PPC, then quality score is surely a term that you’ve heard time and time again. Many advertisers know that quality score is important and that it needs to be addressed, but many don’t know exactly where to start. What’s in our control and what’s out of our control? What changes can we make that can have an impact on quality ...

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  • Why You Need To Diversify Your PPC Marketing Mix

    February 2, 2017 As PPC marketers, we are always looking for that silver bullet – that ad platform that helps us hit account goals and take businesses to the next level. When we find it, we naturally tend to place a great deal of our focus there, simply because it makes sense to do so. But did you ever stop and wonder what you would do if your top platform stopped performing ...

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  • My 5 PPC Account Manager New Year’s Resolutions

    January 3, 2017 With the start of the new year, most of us usually make some sort of New Year’ resolutions. Whether that is to lose weight, eat healthier, or get more organized, we usually enter the new year full of hope that we can make changes that can help us be better than we are. PPC account managers are no different.

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  • How To Leverage PPC For Your B2B Accounts

    November 2, 2016 PPC marketing is a channel that has a great track record of helping businesses reach their goals, whether it is additional sales, leads, or other actions. However, if you’ve ever tried to tackle B2B PPC marketing, you probably know that it’s a totally different game than B2C. It presents challenges in finding the right audience and getting them to complete a ...

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  • How Should You Formulate Your PPC Strategy?

    September 13, 2016 We’ve all been there before. You’re on a call with a client talking about their account performance and they say, “Performance aside, what is the STRATEGY behind my account? I want to understand the strategy.” As many can agree, strategy is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the PPC world, especially in high-level meetings.

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  • What Is In-Image Advertising?

    August 5, 2016 As a PPC marketer, I have to admit that most of the initiatives I take on behalf of my clients are usually related to achieving some sort of a direct response. That response may be a lead, a sale, or some other designated action. However, I’m having more conversations that revolve around exposing their brand to a larger audience that they might not be capturin ...

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  • Start Your PPC Client Relationships Right

    As account managers, we all know the feeling we get when we’re notified that we’re getting a new client added to our roster. Usually, we’re excited to hear about the client, discover their business and work on devising a strategy to help them achieve their goals. Admittedly, sometimes we are so excited, that we occasionally bypass the basic first steps that any account man ...

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  • It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right—A Tale of Two Clients

    So perhaps not ALL good PPC advice can come from a hip-hop song from the 80’s, but I think it certainly applies in this case. As account managers, we are given accounts and told to make them grow, make them more efficient, and make them more profitable, among other things. And we want to do exactly that. We really want to. But it can’t be a one-sided story.

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  • How To Better Connect With Your Client

    As account managers, we can literally spend several hours a day on the phone speaking to our clients about their accounts. Remembering that these clients have placed their trust in us to manage their PPC spend, it’s incredibly important to create a relationship that runs deeper than their last weekly report.

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  • The Art Of The PPC Account Transition

    Whether you work for a PPC agency or in-house, one thing is for certain – you will at some point be engaging in an internal account transition. At first, it may sound appealing to inherit an account where all the groundwork has already been laid by your colleague, but there are times when the account transition is quite complicated.

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