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  • 7 tips for small manufacturers thinking about using AdWords

    In my 17 years as a B2B SEO and marketing consultant, I hadn’t really considered giving PPC a go until Google changed the layout for its search results to remove right-side ads on desktop and to increase the number of ads appearing above the organic results to as many as four. Suddenly, SEO became a whole different ball game, especially since I work with small manufacturers, ...

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  • Small business owners: 3 steps to creating accurate Google Analytics reports

    “Our traffic is going down,” said a client in a recent email. Attached to the email was a chart showing this year’s traffic compared to last year’s traffic. Yep, traffic had indeed gone down. The reason for the downward trend was easy to diagnose: we had created a Filtered View in Google Analytics, which excluded traffic coming from the people within the client’s company who ...

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  • 3 tips for tracking response to industrial tradeshow print ads and landing pages

    For any company, tradeshows play a key role in meeting marketing and sales objectives, but for owners of small manufacturing firms (e.g., 10-50 employees), they’re often critical. Due to budget, time, and logistics, participation at a major show is sometimes the only real marketing tactic, outside of the website, that a small manufacturer will undertake for the year.

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  • How to Bring Trust and Credibility to Your Website

    What if I told you that the lack of a seemingly insignificant content asset on your B2B vendor website will potentially cause 44% of your visitors to leave? And, what if I told you that this same piece of content was deemed a “must have” or “very important” to 90% of buyers who need it to move forward with an inquiry, request for quote, or trial offer? Would you include this content asset? Yo.

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