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  • Printmaking to songwriting: How agency talent gets creative out of the office

    When he landed in New York for his first media job, Brian Tell was so taken by the creative energy pulsing through the city that he dusted off his guitar and got serious. “I started performing and going to open mics while writing poetry, which then turned into songs,” said the associate director and planner at The Media Kitchen. A curious thing happened.

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  • Content marketing’s next trick: Conquering the evergreen problem

    Brands have more than dipped their toe into the publishing pool in recent years. They’ve come a long way from listicles, and the future is bright for the ones who are willing to experiment. The leaders are using native advertising to produce not just words on a page, but immersive media experiences.

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  • Thought leaders are made, not marketed

    As programmatic ad buying takes over the world with its rapid-fire saturation messaging, thoughtful marketing can feel harder to execute than ever. Enter thought leadership, briefly defined as positioning oneself as an expert in the interest of gaining visibility and credibility. Ideally, this credibility is built over time and often with a series of bylined articles in high ...

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  • Be less confused. Get Digiday’s WTF Programmatic dictionary

    Automation isn’t coming. It’s here. And it’s confusing. In just three years, programmatic advertising has moved from the wings into the limelight, becoming an essential strategy for advertisers and agencies aiming to keep costs low and publishers looking to keep pace. It has overcome the skepticism of in-house sales teams and old-school marketers to become a genuine staple of ...

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  • Hilton to startups: We don’t need another Yelp

    This post was authored by Deanna Zammit, director of the Digiday Content Studio. The travel and hospitality industry, more than any other, has always had its success predicated on the complete satisfaction of its customers. It’s no surprise, then, that the big players in the hotel business are always looking for new ways to make that experience even more enriching.

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  • Could retailers have an in-store cookie?

    Find out how top retailers are using technology to bridge the gap between online and in-store technology at the Digiday Retail Summit in Deer Vally, Utah, from July 27-29. Digital retailers have long relied on tracking consumers’ movements online, and using that data to target their advertising.

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