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  • The Rundown: CMOs grapple for leverage vs. platforms

    In this week’s Rundown: CMOs turn into politicians in a desperate attempt to claw back leverage, Facebook expands its subscription support for publishers, and Verizon’s Go90 goes south. Politicians or CMOs? It’s been three days since Unilever CMO Keith Weed proclaimed in an Interactive Advertising Bureau keynote in California that his company, the world’s second-largest adve ...

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  • The Rundown: Vice is a headwind for digital media hopefuls

    In this week’s Rundown: Distributed media still isn’t pulling in big bucks for publishers, and why Vice Media’s revenue woes could be a setback for digital media hopefuls. Promises, promises Trade group Digital Content Next is out with its second Distributed Content Revenue Benchmark Report, examining revenue publishers are receiving from the third-party platforms they distri ...

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  • The Rundown: The pivot to TV isn’t easy

    In this week’s Rundown, we examine why digital publishers may not find quick profits in TV, why publishers are investing in Instagram Stories and what’s happened to Facebook’s Campbell Brown. The pivot to TV will be hard Over the past few years, top digital publishers such as BuzzFeed, Vox Media and Refinery29 have been building out entertainment divisions in an effort to cr ...

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  • Digiday’s winners and losers of 2017

    2017 was the biggest year in media and marketing since 2016. Whether it was the duopoly increasingly controlling the digital ad market, digital publishers and traditional media companies fighting back against the duopoly, advertisers pressuring the duopoly to improve its adve ...

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  • ‘Facebook has been a disaster for us’: Candid thoughts of European publishers

    The Digiday Publishing Summit Europe kicked off on Oct. 23 in overcast Berlin with the distinct feeling of gloom: unhappiness with Facebook, worry about the coming enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation and uncertainty over monetization of video on platforms. On the positive side: Google appears invested in the success of publishers, and GDPR could spur a cleanu ...

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  • Amazon’s long private-label game

    I recently had coffee with an agency that works with a retailer that sells on Amazon. While there are many, many issues with how Amazon works with brands, this one caught my attention. “When you work with Amazon, it is a good thing. But it’s also a bad thing. They’ll milk you out of info about your business and category.

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  • The Rundown: The industry jumps on the blockchain bandwagon

    It seems like the latest technology to get the marketing world hot and bothered is blockchain. Previously relegated to discussions of bitcoin, using the blockchain — essentially a decentralized, ultra-secure Excel sheet — for solving many of digital advertising’s woes is en vogue. Here’s everything blockchain is purportedly hoping to do: Reward and pay creators for making content.

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  • The Rundown: In Japan, all eyes are on Amazon

    Last week, I went to Japan for the inaugural Digiday Brand Leaders summit. I spent time in both Tokyo and Fukuoka, chatting with brand marketers of all shapes and sizes. The one big thing on their minds: Amazon. Brand marketers are getting interested in how Amazon is rewriting marketing, from its e-commerce capabilities to its use as an advertising platform.

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  • Cashless in China

    We’re trying something new with the Rundown. It’s now going to be sourced across our editorial group, giving you a jump on what we’re all hearing. Mobile payments in China I spent two weeks in Beijing and Shanghai earlier this month and was amazed at the ubiquity of two mobile payment apps: WeChat Pay, the mobile payment feature of the hugely popular messaging app WeChat, and ...

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  • ‘Don’t order the seafood platter’: The beginner’s guide to Cannes

    Every year, the media and marketing industry decamps for the Cannes Lions. For many, this is an annual pilgrimage. But there are always the wide-eyed newcomers, excited and nervous for their first time immersed in the bacchanal that is Cannes. We spoke to Cannes veterans — those who have been on the front lines and seen it all — for their pearls of wisdom for the new generation.

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  • Digiday Changemakers: Media

    Melissa Bell, publisher, Vox Media Journalism can’t flourish without technology today. Melissa Bell understood this as a blogger, then platforms director, at The Washington Post. She took that understanding in 2014 to Vox Media, where she went to help start the news explainer site Vox.com. The company has grown quickly in a short time to eight verticals, including SB Nation, ...

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  • Digiday Changemakers: Marketing

    James Carnes, vp of global brand strategy, Adidas “I’m wearing a limited-edition Ultra Boost, the Triple Black,” says James Carnes, when asked about his shoe of the day during a call from the company’s Herzogenaurach headquarters. It seems a miss not to inquire, considering he is the brains behind many of the biggest sneaker innovations to date: In 2012, there was Primeknit and Boost.

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  • What top European marketers really think about platforms and influencers

    This week, we gathered 50 executives from brands and technology companies from Germany, Europe and the United States in Berlin at Digiday’s first European brand summit. During the summit, brands met in working group meetings to discuss their greatest challenges: agencies, platform relationships and internal organization.

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