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  • Kia’s Dave Schoonover: “Agencies struggle with the small stuff”

    Dave Schoonover, senior manager of digital at Kia, doesn’t believe that traditional agencies are dead — but he does believe that brands can do some things faster than agencies can. The way that large agencies are structured directly impacts their ability to do things “at a piecemeal scale,” he said in a recent session with managing editor Shareen Pathak, recorded live at the D ...

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  • Ticketmaster’s head of programmatic: Bringing it in-house won’t cure what ails you

    “If you haven’t gotten around to fixing something yet, bringing something in-house is not that fix.” So says Gosha Khuchua, Ticketmaster’s senior director of digital and programmatic media, on this episode of Digiday Live, recorded at the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida. The decision to take programmatic in-house involves weighing the cost of investment ag ...

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  • SportsCenter’s Rob King: “We have no excuse not to plan”

    ESPN’s SportsCenter is a video behemoth. Its many shows and segments are broadcast 12 times per day, every day. Since its first airing in 1979, it has aired over 50,000 unique episodes — more than any American television show in history. As such, SportsCenter faces unique challenges when it comes to video.

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  • DDB North America CEO Wendy Clark: ‘We’re better together’

    Eleven months ago, Coca-Cola marketing exec Wendy Clark was brought on as president and CEO of DDB North America to breathe new life into the 66-year-old shop. Since day one, the brand marketing vet has focused on one thing in revitalizing the sleeping Madison Avenue giant: Retaining the talented, diverse people who create the campaigns that DDB has been known for since it opened its doors.

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  • Digiday Live: Vox’s Melissa Bell on borrowing the best platform ideas

    When it comes to figuring out what works across platforms, Vox Media isn’t afraid to peek over other publishers’ shoulders. “We ruthlessly steal from other people,” Vox Media publisher Melissa Bell told attendees at the Digiday Publishing Summit last month. In order to stay ahead of the platform game in a lightning-fast news cycle, Vox established platform-specific studios th ...

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  • Digiday Live: Cory Haik on how Mic builds stories for platforms

    For millennial-focused publisher Mic, platforms are the future. The media company’s chief strategy officer Cory Haik took the stage at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne to share Mic’s multi-platform approach to storytelling. Instagram has been a particular area of growth because of its strong micro-communities of social justice-minded individuals and their followings.

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  • Digiday Live: How Forbes is fighting ad blocking — and winning

    In December 2015, Forbes became took an aggressive approach to its ad-blocking visitors . In this episode of Digiday Live, recorded last week at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne, Florida, Forbes Media CRO Mark Howard Howard describes the four-stage process that Forbes has undergone to better understand its ad-blocking readers, and ultimately reach its sales goals.

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  • Digiday Live: How Overstock.com and Fender organize for content creation

    The way brands organize for content can vary dramatically. BJ Carretta, vp of digital brand marketing at Fender Instruments, and Nariman Noursalehi, director of SEO at Overstock.com, compared and contrasted how their companies create brand content in the latest episode of Digiday Live, recorded onstage at the Digiday Content Marketing Summit in August. Overstock.

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  • Digiday Live: How Umpqua Bank caught the podcasting bug

    Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. It’s a truth as old as the hills: people hate talking about money. In this episode of Digiday Live recorded at the Digiday Content Marketing Summit, Lani Hayward, evp of creative strategies for Umpqua Bank, shared how her team started a conversation about money in a format that hasn’t caught on for most brands yet: the podcast.

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  • How the Philadelphia 76ers create content for every type of fan

    Any sports marketer knows that there are many types of fans to reach, not just one. Some fans love statistics and starting lineups. Some love the dancers and the t-shirt toss. At the Digiday Content Marketing Summit last month, Jason Wiley, vp of integrated marketing and content for the Philadelphia 76ers, spoke about the role of tailored content in getting both audiences to the arena.

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  • What Coca-Cola has learned from publishers

    In 2013, Coca-Cola took a risk: It replaced its corporate website with “Journey,” a site dedicated solely to storytelling and reporting in Coca-Cola’s positive, bubbly brand voice, staffed by a team of brand journalists. At the Digiday Content Marketing Summit in August, Coca-Cola’s global group director for digital communications and social media, Doug Busk, shared what the ...

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  • ‘It’s a Faustian agreement’: Bloomberg Media talks about the dilemma of platform publishing

    At the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan in June, publishers gathered to share their success and challenges in expanding into Asian markets. We made the best sessions from that summit available on iTunes and Stitcher through Digiday Live, a podcast series from Digiday that features the best conversations and presentations from the summits we host around the world, all downloadab ...

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  • How the Financial Times balances advertising with subscription models

    In June at the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan, publishers gathered to discuss the challenges of international expansion and the audience growth opportunities afforded by platforms and apps. We have made the best sessions from that summit available on iTunes and Stitcher through Digiday Live, a podcast series from Digiday that features the best conversations and presentations ...

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  • ‘It is not enough to have an impression’: How content marketers determine ROI

    When it comes to content creation, impressions aren’t impressive anymore. Content marketers want to see more than sheer reach so they can determine return on investment. We asked five presenters at the upcoming Digiday Content Marketing Summit in Park City which metric is most important to them in showing ROI in content marketing. Their answers, edited for clarity.

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  • In the Snapchat era, Instagram still rules for fashion bloggers

    Fashions come and go, but style blogger Mary Orton is a believer in Instagram’s continuing utility for fashion mavens. At the recent Digiday Retail Summit in Nashville, she coached retail and brand marketers on how to craft engaging Instagram posts by emphasizing authenticity rather than staged surroundings.

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