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  • How Document Analytics Became Our Secret Weapon

    Twenty-three years ago, the PDF, or portable document format, was released. In the digital timeline, that’s practically the age of dinosaurs. Yet the PDF, which is the go-to downloadable format for most businesses, has barely changed since its prehistoric beginnings. When Contently acquired Docalytics—now called Document Analytics—a year ago, we knew it had the potential to ch ...

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  • The Master AI Poker Player, and 3 Other Stories You Should Read

    Here’s what you missed while you were celebrating Bey’s big baby bonanza… The Atlantic: What Killed the Pay Phone? Selected by Craig Davis, editorial intern After a peak of 2.6 million public pay phones in the mid-1990s, the once ubiquitous fixtures started to disappear. While most assume the cell phone is to blame, Renée Reizman explains in The Atlantic that “fear and paranoi ...

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  • 4 Hard Truths I Learned Covering Marketing This Year

    When you spend most of your life thinking about marketing, you start to see the world differently. Suddenly you think of everything in terms of positioning, strategy, persuasion, and accountability. You look at ads and say, “What the hell were they thinking?” to your friend who couldn’t care less. You see a post from a brand you’ve never even heard of and think, “Wow, that’s genius.

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  • The Rise of Account-Based Marketing, in 7 Charts

    There are a lot of buzzy trends in marketing that turn out to be little more than hot air. People-based marketing. Micro-moments. Conversation marketing. I could go on. (In fact, our editor-in-chief managed to pull together about 40 of the worst of them.) But account-based marketing—ABM for short—seems like one buzzword that’s here to stay.

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  • How to Become a Marketing Guru, in 8 Steps

    1. Get a goofy hairstyle When it comes to style, gurus are basically soccer stars. (Side note: Thank you William Kulp for inspiring this idea. Your comment is the only good thing on LinkedIn I’ve ever read.) Just like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi needs a unique hairstyle to stick out among hundreds of competing footballers, gurus need something to make themselves pop amo ...

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  • The 6 Most Important Takeaways From CMI’s Annual Study

    For six years, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has studied the evolution of content marketing. Sometimes, the numbers from its reports are encouraging for the industry. Other times, not so much. One statistic frequently thrown around is that, in both B2B and B2C, the majority of marketers do not use documented content strategies.

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  • The 10 Commandments of Slack

    I. Thou shalt not jack another team’s public Slack channels for off-topic discussions. II. Thou shalt not introduce thyself with “hi” at the start of every direct message. III. Thou shalt not use sentence case unless thou art addressing a superior at least two tiers above thy level. IV. Thou shalt not use @here or @channel unless thou has something truly pressing to say. V.

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