Dillon Baker

  • The 10 Commandments of Slack

    I. Thou shalt not jack another team’s public Slack channels for off-topic discussions. II. Thou shalt not introduce thyself with “hi” at the start of every direct message. III. Thou shalt not use sentence case unless thou art addressing a superior at least two tiers above thy level. IV. Thou shalt not use @here or @channel unless thou has something truly pressing to say. V.

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  • The 11 Weirdest Branded Video Games

    A couple weeks ago, Warby Parker, the trendy glasses startup, announced its first video game: Worbs. Made in collaboration with gaming magazine Kill Screen, Worbs is a simple in-browser matching game good for helping you kill five minutes. It doesn’t make much much sense—what does matching circles have to do with glasses? Still, it was a relatively innocuous way to promote the ...

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  • Study: Only 3 Percent of Freelance Creatives Use Co-Working Spaces

    Co-working and the sharing economy may be all the buzz, but the perception that most freelancers spend their days in co-working spaces and drive Ubers seems to be more myth than fact. A couple of months ago, we released our second annual study of freelance creatives on The Freelancer. We asked freelancers about a range of topics from how they find work, how they market themsel ...

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  • How the 5G Revolution Will Transform Marketing

    There’s a reason why smartphones didn’t take off in the late 2000s like they have in the past few years. Back when the iPhone was first released, wireless data was expensive, and doing much beyond finding directions and checking the weather was a pain. Now, thanks to 4G and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, using a smartphone as a portable internet platform makes much more sense.

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  • Making Sense of Facebook’s Two Latest Algorithm Changes

    Back in 2014, Facebook decided enough was enough: It was time to crack down on the clickbait plaguing users’ News Feeds. The explanation was simple. People may click on articles with baiting headlines (think of stories like “You’ll never what guess Facebook did to its News Feed. MIND-BLOWING!”), but, according to an internal Facebook survey, they actually prefer stories with h ...

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  • Over 70 Percent of Native Ads Get a Failing Grade

    News publishers are flunking their disclosure tests, and they may be killing native advertising in the process. In a new study released today by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a non-profit whose mission is “to enhance online trust and empower users,” 71 percent of the top 100 news publishers received a failing grade when it came disclosing and delineating their native advertising.

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  • When Will the VR Revolution Come for Marketers?

    Have you tried virtual reality yet? It’s a pretty common question among marketing and media types, who are excited by the new technology as much as anyone. If you have tried it, in all likelihood you’ve used Google Cardboard, Facebook’s Oculus, or Samsung’s Gear. Whether your mind was blown or if you found the experience disappointing, I’ve got something to tell you: You haven ...

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