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  • Just Another Pothole in an SEO Client Relationship

    As consultants, most of us have faced situations where a client decides to not follow our advice. It’s frustrating and disheartening and can often contribute to the deterioration of the relationship. If it does, guess what? It’s all on you! A consultant is just someone that offers advice. We’ve all received advice that we chose not to follow… why would we expect our clients t ...

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  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy With Marketing?

    The other day, a friend tweeted that while trying to read an article on Elle magazine’s website, they were interrupted with a popup that required them to click “No thanks, I’ll risk bags and wrinkles.” In order to read the @ELLEmagazine women in tech story, I HAVE to click a link that says "no thanks, I'll risk bags and wrinkles.

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  • Separating the SEO Signal from the Noise

    With hundreds of voices clamoring to be heard, most professing to be God’s gift to SEO, it can seem impossible to figure out who to listen to. The fact that there is so much disagreement in what they all have to say makes it even tougher. So how do you pick the right voice to heed? There’s no universal formula for separating the wisdom from the BS.

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  • Is SSL a Blackhole? Or is it the Event Horizon?

    Black holes are arguably one of the most inaccurately-named phenomena in the universe (barring government intelligence, at least). A “hole” is a region that is devoid of anything, whether it’s a hole in your shirt, your garden or your logic. Black holes, on the contrary, are so full, that their density creates a gravity so intense that even light can’t escape.

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  • What Would Aliens, or Anyone Else, Think of Us?

    Several recent events have had all the major social media platforms awash in discussions (and flames). From Fallujah-like scenes in Florence, Missouri to what seems like half the planet’s populace dousing themselves in ice-water, one has to wonder what observers from other worlds would think of us. I know what I think of us, but I’m a cynical SOB, by nature.

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  • Isn’t it Time We Start a Digital Consultant Code of Ethics?

    About a week ago, my partner and I did a Hangout On Air with Jim Hedger, regarding this thought-provoking article on The SEM Post. The article prompted a lot of renewed discussion about the reputation of the SEO industry, best practices and ethics and even touched upon certification. There’s a history There have been several efforts to generate support for the idea of certifica ...

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