• Google+ Marketing Tip #5: Organize your Circles

    The flagship feature of Google+ when it first launched was Circles. It’s one of the key factors that help distinguish Google+ from Facebook or Twitter. Circles allow you to create private groups consisting of your business contacts, customers, colleagues, etc. It’s a very cool concept, but some doctors and dentists aren’t aware of how to use Circles to their advantage quite yet.

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  • Google+ Marketing Tip #4: Personalize Your Profile

    It’s a given that you should complete your profiles across all social networks. But Google+ Business pages have pretty in depth profile options that should be completed 100%. The problem that many doctors, physicians, and dentists run into is that they rush through just to get it out of the way and miss key elements.

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  • Google+ Marketing Tip #3: Use #Hashtags and +Mentions

    The hashtag phenomenon has reached Google+. The nice thing about hashtags on Google+ however is that when people click on a hashtag, they aren’t just shown a list of the most recent posts that contain that hashtag. Google+ displays a list of “best of” posts with that hashtag. What this means for doctors and dentists is that if your hashtag post becomes popular, whenever anyone ...

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  • Google+ Marketing Tip #2: Start a campfire!

    A campfire is where everyone gathers up together and congregates. In our Google+ terms, a campfire is a goal or interest that people share. It gives them a reason to huddle up and gather. We’ve already established that Google+ is all about groups and communities, so your goal as a marketer is to create these groups centered around your industry.

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  • Google+ Marketing Tips Series – Part 1

    To follow up with our Facebook Marketing tips series, we’re going to continue our social media marketing guide for dentists and doctors with Google+. This will also be a weekly series that will give you some great tips for utilizing Google+ to market your medical practice. A lot of doctors and dentists are still on the fence about Google+.

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  • FB Marketing Tip #7: Run Facebook Ads CORRECTLY

    Facebook’s advertising platform is among the top of the industry. It’s affordable, easy to use, and allows for the most advanced segmentation of any platform, primarily due to all of the information Facebook gathers from their users. But if you’re not careful, you could end up wasting a lot of money unnecessarily by not knowing how to use Facebook ads correctly.

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  • FB Marketing Tip #6: Create Facebook Exclusivity

    Are you giving people a reason to be a fan of your page? What do they earn from being a fan? You may have seen a pattern developing in the tips given so far. You have to use Facebook as its own platform, and not just as something to have because it’s popular. Offering your Facebook fans something that only THEY can have makes your fans feel special and gives them an incentive to like your page.

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  • FB Marketing Tip #5: Create a Community

    Don’t look at your Facebook page as just a marketing avenue. Your Facebook page should be its own entity and an extension of your brand. You’ll notice that the most successful pages on Facebook are community oriented. Communities share content, like posts, and leave comments. As we found out in FB Marketing Tip #3, engagement is extremely important for Facebook.

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  • FB Marketing Tip #4: Enhanced Facebook Comments

    One of the most common Facebook marketing tips you will hear is to find other pages within your industry, and reply to their posts and make comments. Now that virtually every company is aware of this, it’s becoming less effective. When something starts getting saturated, you can either give it up or get creative.

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