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  • Change Lane Offers an Oil Change in an App

    Bringing a car in for a tune-up or oil change is hardly on anyone’s list of favorite things to do — in fact, in a June 2014 AutoMD survey, women preferred going to the dentist over taking their car in to get repaired. Change Lane, a Minneapolis–based startup, aims to take the pain out of car maintenance.

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  • Pay-Per-Call’s Role in Improving Marketing ROI

    Call-generation company Soleo in conjunction with Street Fight Insights released a white paper today about pay-per-call and how it improves marketing ROI by deploying advertising budgets more effectively. The paper, “Pay-Per-Call’s Role in Improving Marketing ROI” covers insights into creating an effective pay-per-call campaign; sourcing and deploying effective research and a ...

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  • inMarket Aims to Justify the Buzz Around Beacons

    Since mobile marketer inMarket introduced its iBeacon platform in January in about 200 grocery stores, there’s been increasing buzz about these tiny transmitting devices that use location-based technology to communicate with consumers via shopping apps as they enter retail locations. Messages sent to smartphones might include a coupon for an immediate discount; loyalty points ...

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  • Services Join Products in Goodzer’s Local Marketing Platform

    Goodzer has been making it easy for consumers to find products in local stores since launching in 2011. Soon the company will be doing the same with services. Last month Goodzer announced that it is adding “enhanced local services content” to its database of more than 2.5 billion products. The addition expands the company’s number of locations from 500,000 to 2.5 million.

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  • Mapkin Wants to Put Community Into Local Navigation

    How many times have you missed a turn when using a GPS device, or been uncertain that you even understood the directions? Mapkin a Cambridge-based startup, aims to fix that. Mapkin’s mission is to provide an improved GPS-app experience that’s “as human as possible” using nuanced navigation provided by locals.

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