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  • Lefty: Create, Choose, Activate, and Measure Instagram Influencers

    Lefty is an Instagram influencer marketing platform that helps brands connect with the most relevant influencers. Led by a former Google search engineer, Lefty’s development team has worked for 2 years to come up with the most exhaustive platform on Instagram influencers. Lefty has opened their software to the public and brands like Shiseido or Uber are already using it.

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  • Don’t Underestimate The Impact of a Brick and Mortar Store

    We recently shared some examples of how Enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) may have an enormous impact of retail store sales. My son was just sharing a news story with me on retail that pointed some fairly bleak statistics regarding the opening and closing of retail stores. While the gap of closures continues to increase, it’s important to recognize that this country continu ...

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  • 7 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Video

    We’re ramping up an animated video for one of our clients at the moment. They have a ton of visitors coming to their site, but we’re not seeing people stick around too long. A short explainer will be the perfect tool to deploy to get their value proposition and differentiation across to new visitors in an impressive way.

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  • Kaleidoscope: A Diff App for Apple for Folders, Code, and Images

    One of our clients required a new layout for their home page that required quite a bit of development throughout the pages of the theme. While we were great about commenting code, we hadn’t put together a full document on all the new and updated files that we’d developed and we weren’t checking each change into a repository (some clients do not want that).

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  • Will Enterprise IoT Help Jumpstart the Retail Industry?

    Lenders are backing off financing an already ailing retail industry. Bloomberg is even predicting the Retail Apocolypse may quickly be upon us. The retail industry is starving for innovation, and the Internet of Things just may provide the boost needed. In fact, 72% of retailers are currently engaged in Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) projects.

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  • The Best Grammar Checker for Blogs, Emails, Mobile and Social Media

    If you’ve been a reader of MarTech for a while, you know I could use quite a bit of help in the editorial department. It’s not that I don’t care about spelling and grammar, I do. The problem is more of a habitual one. For years, I’ve been writing and publishing our articles on the fly. They don’t go through multiple steps of approval – they’re researched, written and published.

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  • Pixelz: On-Demand Photo Retouching Service for E-Commerce

    If you’ve ever developed or managed an ecommerce site, one aspect that’s critical but time consuming is your ability to keep up to date product photos that compliment the site. Three Danish entrepreneurs who grew tired of running into the same frustrating problem with post-production built Pixelz, a service platform that will edit, retouch, and optimize product images for you, ...

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  • 10 Steps to Optimize Your YouTube Video

    We’ve continued to work on our optimization guide for our clients. While we audit and provide our clients with what’s wrong and why it’s wrong, it’s imperative that we also provide the guidance on how to correct the issues. When we audit our clients, we’re always surprised at the minimal effort put into to enhance their YouTube presence and the associated information with the ...

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  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Email Experience in 2017

    Our partners at 250ok, an email performance platform, along with Hubspot and MailCharts have provided some essential data and variances with the last two years of data for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To give you the best advice available, Joe Montgomery of 250ok teamed up with Courtney Sembler, Inbox Professor at HubSpot Academy, and Carl Sednaoui, Director of Marketing a ...

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  • Humans Really Have to Get Better at Social Media

    At a recent conference, I was having a discussion with other social media leaders about an unhealthy climate growing on social media. It’s not so much about the general political divisiveness, which is obvious, but about the stampedes of rage that charge whenever a controversial issue arises. I utilized the term stampede because that’s what we see.

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  • What are the Most Effective Influencer Marketing Strategies?

    Brian Wallace shared the History, Evolution, and the Future of Influencer Marketing that did a fantastic job of defining the influencer and how brands were interacting with them. I’ve been very outspoken about how brands work with influencers and vice versa and I believe this infographic from MDG Advertising does an exceptional job in detailing what a successful influencer mar ...

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  • AddEvent: Add to Calendar Service for Websites and Newsletters

    At times, it’s often the simplest of tasks that cause web developers the biggest headaches. One of those is the simple Add to Calendar button you find on so many sites that work across key calendar programs online and via desktop applications. AddEvent is a great little service that outputs the necessary code and files to add or subscribe to Apple Calendars, online Google cal ...

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  • How Advocates Drive More Instagram Activity than Influencers

    By 2019, spending on Instagram Influencers is expected to reach $2.3 billion Tweet This! That’s an incredible amount, but points directly to the power of a visual program that’s widely adopted in influencing purchase decisions. In fact, a whopping 72% of Instagram users report to making a purchase decision based on images shared on the platform Tweet This! Instagram side no ...

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  • How to Add a User to Google Analytics

    It may point to some usability issues with your software when you can’t do something as simple as add another user… ahhh, but that’s what we all love about Google Analytics. I’m actually writing this post for one of our clients so they can add us as a user. Adding a user isn’t the easiest task, though.

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  • Social Media Marketing World | San Diego | Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2018

    It’s that time of year again to take a chunk of your budget and reserve some tickets for the best social media marketing conference in the country, Social Media Marketing World. Who Should Attend Social Media Marketing World? Experienced Social Media Marketers – This is the person whose job is to manage social media marketing and has been doing it for years, but is struggl ...

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