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  • Podcast Marketing: Why Companies Are Investing in Podcasting

    Next month I’m traveling to Dell for a marketing conference they’re giving business leaders internally. My session is a hands-on session where I’ll be sharing how podcasting has grown in popularity, what equipment is needed, and how to publish, syndicate and promote your podcast online. It’s a topic that I’ve become quite passionate about over the last couple of years – and I ...

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  • What’s the Impact of a Micro vs. Macro-Influencer Strategies

    Influencer marketing lies somewhere in between the word-of-mouth colleague that you trust and the paid advertisement you put on a website. Influencers often have great ability to build awareness but range in their ability to actually influence prospects on a purchase decision. While it’s a more deliberate, engaging strategy to reach your core audience than a banner ad, influen ...

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  • How Each Generation Has Adapted To and Utilizes Technology

    It’s pretty common for me to groan when I see some article berating Millennials or making some other terrible stereotypical criticism. However, there’s little doubt there aren’t natural behavioral tendencies between generations and their relationship to technology. I think it’s safe to say that, on average, older generations don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and calls someo ...

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  • Act-On: Purpose-Built, SaaS, Cloud-Based Marketing Automation

    Modern marketing is digital marketing. Its broad scope spans outbound and inbound tactics, lead generation and nurturing strategies, and customer lifecycle optimization and advocacy programs. To succeed, marketers need a digital marketing solution that’s capability-rich, flexible, interoperable with other systems and tools, intuitive, easy to use, effective and cost-efficient.

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  • What Ecommerce Business Owners Need To Know About Shopify SEO

    You’ve worked hard to craft a Shopify website where you can sell products that speak to consumers. You spent time picking the theme, loading your catalog and descriptions, and building your marketing plan. However, no matter how impressive your site looks or how easy it is to navigate, if your Shopify store isn’t search engine optimized, your chances of organically attracting ...

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  • Zuora: Automate Your Recurring Billing and Subscription Operations

    Application development companies spend a ton of time developing their platforms but often miss out on one of the most critical elements needed for success – subscription management. And it’s not a simple problem. Between payment gateways, returns, credits, discounts, demo periods, packages, internationalization, taxation… recurring billing can be a nightmare.

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  • Marketers: Recognize These Behaviours Central to British Buying

    Did you see what I did there? This Midwesterner used the British spelling of behaviour rather than behavior. I just wanted to prove to everyone how worldly I am… or not. I’ve actually never been to the United Kingdom despite Scottish and British heritage on my Mum’s side of the family. (See that? I did it again!) Ok, humour aside (doh!), this is some great information captured by CM Brand.

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  • How Your Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

    Yes, your hosting can have an impact on your SEO. Surprised? So are most people when they learn that their hosting plan can impact their potential for reaching high SERPs. But why? And how? Turns out, your hosting plan affects three major areas which all affect your rankings: Security, Location, and Speed.

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  • How Much Does Explainer Video Production Cost?

    My agency has outsourced quite a few explainer video jobs for our clients. We’ve gotten some amazing results over the years when using them, but the prices have varied greatly. While an explainer video may seem pretty straight forward, there are quite a lot of moving parts to put together an effective explainer video: Script – a script that identifies the problem, provides ...

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  • A Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Easy Steps

    Social media continues to progress as a networking, listening, publishing, support, and promotion tool for businesses. Social media advertising is advancing, providing more methods and advanced targeting that is lowering the cost per engagement. The platforms for listening, responding, publishing, measuring, and executing campaigns are established and continue to provide great ...

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  • 50+ Awesome Logo Design Resources Online

    What’s the value of a logo? Ask a company like Nike and you might say millions of dollars – but the truth is that, in 1971, Nike paid $35 for their logo. These days, the going rate for professional logo design can be anywhere between $150 and $50,000. We recently worked with a client that spent $16,000 on a logo design only to find it when they did a Google Image Search for th ...

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  • LeadPages: Deploy Beautiful, Responsive Landing Pages in Minutes

    LeadPages is a landing page platform that allows you to publish templated, responsive landing pages To Facebook, WordPress or your own site with just a few clicks. With LeadPages, you can easily create sales pages, welcome gates, landing pages, launch pages, squeeze pages, launching soon pages, thank you pages, pre-cart pages, upsell pages, about me pages, interview series pages and more.

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  • Does Your About Us Page Follow These Best Practices?

    An About Us page is one of those pages detailed in every website checklist. It’s a more critical page than companies give it credit for. A great About Us page is often viewed by prospective employees and clients to learn more about the people behind a company. We often forget that it’s not just features and benefits that prospects are after – they want to feel confident that t ...

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  • The 6 Roadblocks to Going Global with Your E-Commerce

    The shift to omnichannel selling is widely apparent, most recently supported by Nike’s move to sell on both Amazon and Instagram. However, the switch to cross-channel commerce isn’t easy. Merchants and suppliers struggle to keep product information consistent and accurate across all platforms – so much so that 78% of merchants simply can’t keep up with enhanced consumer demands for transparency.

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