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  • 7 Strategies to Increase Engagement on Instagram

    For clients that want to increase awareness and grow a community of followers, visual marketing like Instagram has led the pack on engagement. In fact, 70% of Instagram users have looked up a brand on the platform, with 62% of users following a brand Tweet This! This infographic from M2 On Hold provides some facts, the opportunity, some setup basics and 7 strategies that hel ...

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  • LegalZoom Implements Artificial Intelligence Using Veritone One

    In an instantaneous world of online media, brand reputation should be seen as a matter of life and death. But, when it comes to broadcast media, managing everything people say about a brand can feel next to impossible. The FCC documented more than 32,000 television and radio stations broadcasting daily, leaving branding and marketing experts scrambling to review and stay ahead ...

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  • YouTube: What’s Your Video Strategy There?

    We’re always focused on gaps when it comes to our clients’ digital marketing strategy. Search engines aren’t just a channel for businesses and consumers to find the brands they’re looking for, the algorithms are also an outstanding indicator of a brand’s authority online. As we analyze the content that’s driving attention to the brand, we compare the content on each competitor ...

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  • Netra Visual Intelligence: Monitor Your Brand Visually Online

    Netra is a startup developing Image Recognition technology based on AI / Deep Learning research conducted at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Netra’s software brings structure to previously unstructured imagery with some amazing clarity. Within 400 milliseconds, Netra can tag a scanned image for brand logos, image context, and human face characteristics.

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  • Mia: Local Business Reviews, Loyalty, and CRM

    Mia, from Signpost, scans data on millions of consumers to find new opportunities to send the right messages at the right time. This AI-based technology creates emails and texts that your customers respond to, increasing your sales by 10% and upping your review rating by nearly two stars on average.

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  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell on Amazon

    This week, we had a great conversation with Randy Stocklin on our podcast. Randy is an ecommerce expert who co-founded One Click Ventures, a firm that owns three large eretailers in the eyeglass industry. One topic we touched on was the importance of selling on Amazon. With its incredible reach, Amazon should never be dismissed as a means of selling and distributing of any of your products.

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  • AdButler: WordPress Integrated Ad Serving

    If you’ve got a WordPress site and want to manage ads for your advertisers, AdButler may be the best option on the market. The WordPress integration via widgets makes building and deploying ad zones a piece of cake, and the AdButler system is highly customizable, flexible, scalable, and even offers whitelabeling.

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  • Adobe Digital Insights: The State of the Digital Union 2017

    Adobe Digital Insights has put together a beautiful infographic (would we expect anything different?) on the State of the Digital Union – focused on digital advertising and associated consumer expectations. Perhaps my favorite thing about this infographic is that they really took mounds of data and paired it down to a select number of observations and conclusions: Ad Costs ...

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  • Updatable: Update any CMS, Ecommerce Platform or Static Website

    Responsive brochure and ecommerce sites with up to date content are more important than ever. The ability to update your site isn’t limited to content changes, it’s also to continue optimizing pages for search, mobile, and conversions. In this day and age, it’s a bit startling that almost half of marketers have to contact their IT department to make basic changes to their webs ...

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  • How to Implement a Knowledge Base Solution

    This afternoon I was assisting a client who added a certificate for SSL and retired their www from their URL. In order to properly redirect traffic, we needed to write a rule for Apache in an .htaccess file. We have a number of Apache experts that I could have contacted for the solution, but instead, I just searched a few knowledge bases online and found the appropriate solution.

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