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  • Exploring the Perception of Bar Charts

    Drew Skau published on May 28, 2015 in Visualization The world of infographics has produced a race between designers. The Internet is flooded with hundreds of infographics every day, so those graphics with good design and novelty features have a big leg up against competition in the race for eyeballs.

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  • Datylon Gives Designers Access to D3.js in Adobe Illustrator

    Drew Skau Written 1 min ago in Design Visually is committed to helping designers find and use great information design tools. We believe that a well prepared design community helps raise the quality of design work for everyone. In the past, web-based charting technologies have been out of reach for designers who didn’t know how to write javascript.

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  • Hand Drawn Cartography Lives! Announcing The Atlas of Design Volume 2

    Drew Skau Written 2 mins ago in Design In a world where maps are available to us at any moment, and so widely used that we hardly think twice about them, the art of cartography may seem to have been relegated to a few engineers and product designers working on global mapping systems. We’re happy to say that custom cartography is still alive and well, giving us all a unique p ...

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  • 7 Cardinal Sins Of Chartmaking

    Drew Skau Written 1 min ago in Design Charts are undeniably powerful tools for communication, but with great power comes great responsibility. Chart makers should be careful with their power and ensure they are using proper practices when creating charts. These Seven Cardinal Sins are sure to miscommunicate your data and are easy things to avoid. 1.

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  • 14 Of 2014′s Best Information Designers and Animators

    In the past few years, information design has been blossoming into a full industry. In 2014, designers and animators that specialize in information design were in higher demand than we have ever seen. Here are 14 of the top infographic designers and animators from 2014. 1. Lisa Mahapatra uses simple charts with great angles on interesting data.

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  • Listing Physical Visualizations

    by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Data The vast majority of visualizations we experience in our lives come from the digital world. On rare occasion, they are printed out on a piece of paper, but even then, they are two dimensional. Even more rarely, visualizations are created in the three dimensional physical world.

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  • Best American Infographics 2014

    by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Updates Last year, The Best American Infographics book was a sweeping success because of its beautiful graphics, informative data visualizations, and great design. At first glance, this year’s edition promises to be just as great with an introduction by Nate Silver and a beautiful cover by Carl DeTorres.

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  • How Audio Can Help Communicate Time Data

    by Drew Skau 1 min ago Filed Under: Data Data Visualization is a great way to show off your data. It reveals patterns and trends, and can grab attention better than a table of numbers. But vision isn’t the only sense we can use to get a feel for data. Hearing can also be a great way to input data into our brains.

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  • Accidental Meaning In Graphic Design

    by Drew Skau 2 hours ago Filed Under: Design Spoken and written language are incredible tools for humanity. They let us efficiently communicate concepts to each other, coordinate activities, and generally work together more effectively. But an important part of keeping language effective is having standards that everyone recognizes.

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  • Metrico: The Infographic Inspired Video Game

    Video games have had data visualizations built into them for a long time. They are there to provide the players with information about what is going on in the game, or post-game statistics. In Roller Coaster Tycoon for example, the data visualizations helped players make informed decisions about roller coaster design, or track park expenditures and balance their budget.

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  • Creating Charts for Presentations

    Charts are one of the best ways to show a concept to someone. They are a great form of visual communication because they show the trend or pattern in data, along with the data itself. This means they show the proof behind the idea at the same time they are showing the idea. Since data visualizations are so good at showing ideas to someone, they can also be great to include in presentations.

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  • Four Data Visualization Tools Focused on Design

    The last few years have brought data visualization deeply into the world of design. It used to take highly technical designers or a team of developers and designers to create data visualizations that were both accurate and beautiful. Recently, several web-based data visualization tools have come out (thanks to D3.

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  • How to Easily Check Visualizations for Accuracy

    It is difficult to tell if many visualizations have been created correctly. Without looking up original sources and essentially re-creating the visualization yourself, it is often impossible to know if the visualization accurately shows data, or the relationships that were in the original data. This makes the trust relationship between visualizer and viewer extremely important, ...

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  • For Data Swamped Apple Users, Tableau Releases Mac Version

    If you’re an Apple and Tableau user who’s begrudgingly running a pesky virtual machine, bogging down your sleek Apple hardware with an unwelcome guest operating system or rebooting to Windows every time you need to visualize some numbers, today is the day you’ve been waiting for: Tableau 8.2 is now available on OS X.

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  • Digital Interaction Makes Art Accessible at The Getty Museum

    A typical visit to an art museum involves looking at art from a “safe” distance. Works of art are often behind ropes or even in glass cases. It is impossible to interact with the art, explore it, or even get an up-close look. This is to protect the art and make sure that it lasts as long as possible. The decorative arts collection at The J.

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  • The Power of Green In Design and Visual Content Marketing

    How we perceive colors plays a big role in how we view the world around us. Each color has unique characteristics that determine how this color is used in everything designed and created by humans. If you think even for a second that the choice of color in the world’s leading brand names, logos or products was random, you’d be wrong.

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