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  • 5 Things You’re Forgetting About Your Mobile Site Design

    Mobile use is more prevalent than ever and with no end in sight, considering whether or not to optimizing your site to mobile has become less of a choice and more of a requirement. 25% of the globe’s internet users are viewing the web from a handheld or mobile device. This equals out to over a billion users! That’s nine zeros folks. It’s time to take this mobile game seriously and optimize.

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  • 7 Design Tips to Drastically Improve Homepage Conversions

    So your homepage isn’t converting the way you thought or would like it to? We recently re-designed a homepage for one of our clients, PeopleDoc, with that very challenge in mind. We wanted to create the best possible solution for their industry. To do this we had to analyze a few different key elements on their page.

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  • What Should You Really Expect When Hiring a Designer? Here are 5 Things.

    So you decided to hire a designer? Let me be the first to say congrats! You’ve made a good decision entrusting your users in the hands of a single person. You may be thinking at this point, what did I get myself into? Who did I hire? How do I talk to this person? The most important question that you should be asking is: what can I really expect? Who is a Designer Really? So ...

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