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  • Waterfall vs Agile: Project Management Methodologies

    Co-Authored by Olya Bogoyevich, Product Manager, and Eddy Isenberg, Senior Project Manager The project management process has evolved over time. With different types of projects and different types of industries there are multiple ways today that are available to run projects successfully, on budgets and on time. The two most popular strategies are known as “Waterfall” and “Agile”.

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  • The top 5 Websites to find a Template

    There are lots of companies offering website template themes. Most themes are designed and built to work within a certain web framework, example: WordPress themed templates Drupal themed templates Joomla themed templates Html5 themed templates e-Commerce themed templates (these can be specific to an e-commerce platform; OpenCart, ZenCart, PinnacleCart, Magento, Shopi ...

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  • What is Parallax Scrolling in Web Design?

    If you are involved in web design or the Internet, in general, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “parallax”. It seems that parallax is a popular trend in the web design right now, similar to how responsive design was a few years ago. Origins of the Word Parallax Parallax comes from the Greek word “parallaxis,” which means to alternative or to vary.

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  • A Historical Look at the Evolution of Web Design

    When you look at the last 24 years of Internet browsing and web design, the client experience has evolved rapidly. I remember in December 1991 surfing the Internet and logging into the University of Bucharest computer system to check a local weather forecast. I was headed half-way around the world to adopt my daughter and was amazed at this new technology.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Users Flow

    A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Users Flow This blog is intended for users who are new to Google Analytics and want to see how traffic is flowing through their website. There are other tools available and other areas in Google Analytics, but I love the visual representation that the Users Flow area gives you.

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