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  • Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step by Step Guide

    When it comes to creating a blog strategy you need to understand that it entails more than one area that has to be focused on if you are to be successful. We are going to look at each area and how it needs to have a strategy for itself so that each area can then be combined into a full strategy that works well.

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  • Are Animated Videos Good for Digital Marketing? Pros and Cons

    Everybody is going video and if you’re not seriously considering it then you’re probably going to get left behind. The advantages are simply tremendous. For example, having a video on your website increases your chance of appearing on Google’s first page of results, doubles your click through rate from email and consistently outperforms other marketing content according to most marketers.

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  • 6 Digital Marketing Tips for Startup Businesses

    You came up with a great product or service that people will use, you started your small business, and now you need to market it. The problem is you are a startup business; you do not have a marketing department or a marketing budget for that matter. You are the business owner, operator, marketing department, production and shipping department all rolled into one.

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