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  • 4 Ways to Make Friends With Legal and Get Content Out Faster

    It’s difficult to find a more frustrated person than a junior marketer or account manager responsible for motivating another department. It’s like a Navy SEAL endurance course, except with anxiety instead of sandbags. The creative team misses their deadline; the strategy department shows up late to every meeting; and oh god, the design team needs to update every asset with a new font again.

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  • How Content Marketing Changed the Role of the CMO

    For more than two and a half years, Gianni Giacomelli has been the CMO and SVP of product innovation at Genpact, a B2B enterprise company that earns more than $2 billion in revenue per year. Genpact used to fall under the umbrella of General Electric before going independent in 2005 to help businesses manage IT and operations.

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  • How ASUS’s Marketing Team Got Everyone to Believe in Content

    If you’re reading this article on a laptop, there’s a good chance you own an ASUS motherboard. Since being founded 25 years ago, ASUS has manufactured more than 500 million motherboards—so many that if you lined them end to end, they would circumnavigate the Earth more than three times. Recently, the Taiwan-based company expanded into the consumer electronics game with products ...

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  • The Secret to Being a CMO for Almost a Decade

    The role of the CMO is synonymous with change. Corporate strategies shift. Interdepartmental challenges arise. And figuring out who to staff and how to allocate your budget is a constant battle. It’s an exhausting, high-pressure gig, and it’s no surprise that the average CMO’s tenure lasts just 45 months.

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  • B2World: How Walmart Creates Content for a Massive Consumer Audience

    As content marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about really knowing our audience, narrowing our focus, and sharing valuable information often and everywhere. We talk about knowing what makes your customers tick, and embodying everything your brand stands for. But ultimately, this is a strategy that inherently favors B2B brands, particularly those with finite audiences and niche appeal.

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  • The Biggest Audience Isn’t Always the Best

    I was recently sitting in a packed conference hall where the keynote speaker started his remarks by saying, “It’s always intimidating to come between this many people and lunch… but I think there’s one or two things in here for everyone. Who knows, maybe this will really resonate with a handful of you.” I almost walked out right then.

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  • How Autodesk Became the World’s Best Manufacturing Publisher

    In the world of content marketing, scope can make or break a publication. Carve out too narrow a niche and you limit the potential to grow your audience; tackle too much at once and audiences won’t know what you stand for. For Autodesk, which focuses on 3D printing and engineering software, hitting that sweet spot with a company blog wasn’t easy 1.

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  • A Rookie’s Guide to CES

    After more than a decade in “the industry,” I finally got my opportunity to attend CES last week. Years of begging and pleading didn’t get me a ticket. Heck, creating the world’s most original RFP “in partner with CEA” didn’t even get me a ticket. But this year, I was heading up a sales team, and a lunch meeting with Xbox at The Cosmopolitan sealed the deal.

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