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  • The 7-Step Guide to Creating Amazing Cornerstone Content

    From time to time, people ask me what my #1 content marketing tip is. Often, these people are new to content marketing – they have a new site or business, or they just haven’t tried to build traffic and an audience with content marketing yet. They want to know the single biggest action they can take to start building their brand with content.

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  • 10 Self-Editing Tips that Will Make You a Better Writer

    I’ve been an editor for many years (don’t make me admit how many) and a writer for even longer. After even a few years in the game, every editor develops their own list of bugbears (translation: pet peeves) – the mistakes or missteps that really stick in one’s craw (translation: annoy the pants off one).

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  • All of Google’s Recent Changes to the Mobile SERP

    For years Google has been making it clear that mobile-first is the way forward. The whole idea behind the mobile-first ethos is that traffic is moving to mobile devices from desktop, so websites should be built for mobile first, not as an afterthought. However, as Rand Fishkin has pointed out multiple times, “mobile didn’t kill desktop, it just killed all our free time.

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  • The Highest CPC Keywords in Canada

    In the past few weeks, we’ve shared new data revealing the most expensive keywords in several English-speaking countries around the world, including: The Most Expensive Keywords in the U.S. The Most Expensive Keywords in the U.K. The Most Expensive Keywords in Australia The Most Expensive Keywords in South Africa Today, we bring you the top 25 keywords with the hig ...

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  • The Most Expensive Keywords in the UK

    In the coming weeks, in celebration of our revamped Free Keyword Tool (currently in beta), we’ll be releasing new infographics that reveal the most expensive keywords in five different currencies. Yesterday we saw the most expensive keywords for the U.S. dollar, and today we’re looking at the top 25 highest-CPC keywords in terms of the British pound.

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  • The 25 Most Expensive Keywords in AdWords – 2017 Edition!

    Way, way back in 2011, when the world was young and fidget spinners weren’t yet a thing, there was lore floating around in the search marketing world that “mesothelioma” was the most expensive keyword to bid on in Google AdWords, costing upwards of $100 per click. But was it true? I had a little idea: What if we used data from our Free Keyword Tool to determine which keywords ...

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  • Industry Report: State of the Internet Marketing Agency in 2017

    Little-known fact: about a third of WordStream’s customer base consists marketing agencies that use WordStream Advisor for Agencies to better serve their clients. We got to thinking – wouldn’t it be great if we could tap this group of customers to learn more about what makes the typical agency tick these days, then share that data with our customers and other readers? So tha ...

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  • Value of a #1 Google Ranking Down 37% in Two Years?

    SEO is hard, y’all. It can take a while to start working, and then, once you get used to seeing double-digit growth in organic traffic year over year – suddenly you hit the dreaded plateau. It’s harder and harder to make serious gains. WordStream's traffic growth since 2009 See how the slope of growth is less steep toward the end? I remember the days where there were lots ...

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  • 4 Super-Smart Keyword Research Ideas that Boost SEO

    I’m one of those weirdos who finds keyword research fun; seriously, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. When you’re looking for new keywords to target, the world seems bright and full of possibility. Looking for keyword gold at the end of the SEO rainbow I recently ran a little keyword research workshop with some folks on the WordStream marketing team, in an effo ...

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  • Getting Started with Google Advertising [Video Series]

    We know there are a lot of people out there with questions about Google AdWords – what it is, how it works, and how to do it effectively. We know this because some of our all-time most popular pages on this site attempt to answer these questions – take our infographic on how the AdWords auction works, our guide to how much AdWords costs, and our industry benchmarks that show av ...

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  • 10 Question-Based Keywords that Drive Tons of High-Quality Traffic

    I was pretty psyched a few months back when Glenn Gabe published some research showing that WordStream is “the king of featured snippets,” ranking in more featured snippets (AKA position zero) than any other marketing site he analyzed. (However, since I manage our SEO and content marketing and not Larry Kim, I think that should be “queen of featured snippets.” Ahem.

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  • 9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing Resume

    I’m not going to mince words: Hiring kind of sucks. First, if I’m hiring for a marketing role, that usually means someone on my team is moving on, and that’s bittersweet. It’s great to see people I’ve worked with grow and try new things, but it’s also sad to see them go. Second, and worse, hiring takes up a ton of time.

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  • AdWords Ad Disapproved for ‘Body Type Targeting’?!

    Here’s something we’ve never seen before – one of our client’s accounts had an ad disapproved for “body type and personality targeting”: Jaclyn Jordan, who manages the account, alerted me to the new policy. We were both pretty surprised by it. Here’s the full explanation from Google: ==================== Disapproval Reason ==================== Gmail Ads- Body type and pe ...

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