Elizabeth Marsten

  • What you need to know about Yahoo Product Ads

    Back in November 2015, Yahoo Product Ads officially launched, an umbrella name that encompassed a few different types of ad units within the Yahoo Gemini universe. I’ve been working specifically with the Search Product Ads unit, which appears on Yahoo.com search results properties with feed driven product ad units. You might be saying, “Wait, those were there before!” and you would be right.

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  • Amazon Text Ads: To Do or Not To Do?

    If you hadn't heard already, Amazon now has a Text Ad unit that's now available to all Seller Central account holders. What's interesting is that though Amazon has had this particular ad unit for some time, the e-commerce giant changed how it's powered and who powers it. It's with the retirement of the Amazon Product Ads unit that this particular ad unit is starting to gain some attention.

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  • PPC at mozCon – Challenge Yourself to Cross Geek Out

    Last year I received an invitation to speak at one of the biggest search conferences of the year, MozCon. MozCon is put on by Moz (formerly known as SEOmoz) an SEO software/tool company in Seattle and MozCon, in the past, has been more commonly known as an SEO conference. As such, I’ve noticed that those that are firmly entrenched in PPC or paid search, haven’t ever been or hav ...

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  • Creating Personas for PPC

    “Persona” is not a PPC word, but it’s certainly been seeing a lot more attention as we shift more and more away from keywords to audiences, intent, behaviors and (not provided). Some marketers keep their personas in their heads, some write them on Post-Its and some have fully written profiles with pictures and graphs.

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