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  • Germany’s Pitchfork Is a T-Mobile-Sponsored Electronic Music Mag

    The Berlin techno scene is notoriously hard to get into. Both literally—the city’s most famous club, Berghain, is guarded by bouncers who might refuse entry if you speak English—and figuratively, as the pulsing, sometimes monotonous beats tend to alienate the average radio listener. Those who are intimately involved take pains to maintain their close relationships.

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  • How Zoolander Started a New Model for Instagram Marketing

    Two months ago, Instagram users following the actor Ben Stiller were in for a surprise. Stiller’s feed was filled with one of those composite images—sometimes called tiling—where one photo is split into multiple posts. In this case, it was a series of grey, furry images that, altogether, depicted Derek Zoolander holding a Siberian husky.

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  • The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie’s Incredible, Risky Print Mag

    In the 2003 “Sex Ed” issue of A&F Quarterly, the words of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek are printed in large orange letters: “Sometimes in the news you don’t even know what is publicity and what is news … What do I see? A truly modern synthesis. Shit, why not have a cake and eat it too? You can have critical theory and nudity and enjoy it!” Spun the right way, his opt ...

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