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  • Create a roadmap for your business–and then follow it!

    This past week I coached two people on a roadmap for their business. Both of them have been floundering for a long time, trying to figure out which direction to take. In one case, it was a plan for a product. In the other, it was a plan for a free download plus ways to promote services. If you don’t have a roadmap, you don’t know where you’re going! And you might be going ...

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  • Should you buy PLR (private label rights) products?

    I’m continuing to respond to those of you who completed my survey a few months ago. I received this question… “I don’t actually have an online business yet. I was thinking of private label products or the like. What do you think?” What is PLR and why would you want to use it? PLR is pre-written content that you buy and can then use pretty much any way you want.

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  • How can I make passive income?

    Someone asked me, “What is the next big thing for passive income?” The word “passive” is very relative. If you want to make income without doing any work, you won’t find a solution here. You can outsource a lot of the work, but of course, you’ll have to pay for that. Usually, you get passive income by doing a lot of work up front.

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  • Can I buy an email list?

    A few months ago, I did a survey of my subscribers and discovered that many of you are trying to figure out how to get started with an online business. Here’s one question I received: “If you’re just starting, is it possible to buy a responsive list from a broker without spending thousands of dollars? What is a reasonable amount that is necessary to spend? Who is a reputable ...

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  • 9 tips to design presentations for webinars

    I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the Presenters Network meeting in Manhattan and thought I’d share with you my points for designing presentations for webinars. By the word “design,” I mean both the visual design of the slides and the design of the content. Webinars have many advantages over live presentations: No travel (time or cost) Greater reach (all over ...

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  • Get high-quality images at an unbeatable price!

    I found an amazing deal on stock photos and since I bought a plan, I’ve been using the photos almost non-stop. It’s called Stock Unlimited (that’s an affiliate link; if you buy, I get $10) and what’s so special about it is the lifetime plan — unheard of in this business! They don’t have as many photos as some of the big names, which have millions. But over 600,000 is good enough for me.

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  • 4 tools to improve your conversions

    During my 16+ years online, I’ve been lax in tracking and testing conversions, I admit. But it’s SO important to know your conversion on your opt-in and sales pages as well as your emails. And especially to test variations to see which one works best. Why? When you have knowledge, you can make changes that improve your conversion. And believe me, all of the highly successful marketers test.

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  • How to plan a profitable webinar

    This year, I’ve been doing a lot of speaking online and it’s mostly been about webinars. That’s because I’m so high on webinars as a tool for getting your word out to the world and also for selling products and services. I’m sure you’ve attended many webinars and wondered how the entrepreneur got so many people to attend and to buy.

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  • 3 online business models–and which is the right one for you

    On a recent survey, someone asked, “Which method for making money online is the easiest to follow and has the highest likelihood of success for the average person if they stick to it?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. But there is a way to know which business is best for you. I wrote a series of 3 blog posts a while back called “The 3 things you need to succeed.

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  • How sportsmanship mirrors life

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephen_d_luke/6833671283/in/set-72157629210163641 I watched the Super Bowl recently, but you can think of almost any game you’ve watched that was mostly determined before the end–it could be football, soccer, basketball, whatever. Does the losing team give up? No! In fact, it’s considered poor sportmanship to give up.

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